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Feb 27, 2023
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Hi All, after doing a lot of research I have found several part numbers for my 2018 PPV carpet swap. Hopefully someone here has a better insight to the GM part numbers before I order.

The first thing I did was obtain the rpo codes for my vehicle but oddly enough the QR code does not show all codes. For example no G80 listed or rearend code which I found odd as the older vehicles with the sticker in the glove box had all codes and I could refer to my rpo code book for the descriptions.

Ok, back to the carpet. I'm going for the black carpet pieces as the Tahoe carpet is three separate pieces. I am keeping the rear the PPV vinyl and added a WeatherTech mat since I transport blocks, heads and rearend parts often when doing builds. I have found 4 part numbers for black listing 4 panels, assuming for the front carpet section and 4 part numbers for black intermediate section (second row).

The 4 front part numbers are 84118407, 84118396, 84118395, 84118394 (replaced 23309092) and 84118398 (replaced 22913565).
The 3 intermediate numbers are 84355015, 84355018, 84355023 and 22913572.

Each part number listed has a small list of rpo codes which 1 or more of my codes are listed and some list excluding rpo codes.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I realize that since my 2018 is a PPV the vin and rpo codes will say the parts do not fit but I am sure their is a set the will fit with minor mods due to the 40/20/40 seating I have in the vehicle. My guess is the carpets have minor variations based on seating (bench vs captain chairs) and which console, if any, is installed.

Thanks again in advanced.


Apr 22, 2023
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sorry, I was late to the party. I did this on mine. For anyone spotting this thread in the future, I went on ebay and found someone selling the right carpet (non console/ no big hole in the front carpet). The dealer near me doesn't know how to use his parts catalog without putting the VIN in first, so I got the VIN from that truck from the Ebay listing and used it. The rear was only one piece on mine, I installed a bench vs. captains chairs, YMMV

Steve Walker

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Apr 17, 2019
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I'm thinking about a used PPV and replaceing the vinyl flooring is a must. I looked for aftermarket carpet but couldn't find ANY. Could you share the part numbers you used? (and what color/options that affected the carpet)

Since you got it from GM, could you share the cost too? (I need to figure out what this will cost me if I buy the vehicle)

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