2004 Escalade seat covers

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Ryan Buck, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Hi guys so I bought a set of Escalade seats for my Tahoe a few months back and I've been working on the interior ever since. I switched it over to the captains chairs in the back which I think looks a lot better. Anyways for some weird reason I decided to have a shop redo the seats for me after I already had them done in in the truck. So I went with a peanut butter leather color instead of the Shale stock color. Later today I will have all of the covers I had taken off of the stock seats up for sale if anybody is interested. The front two are in excellent condition the driver's seat bottom is a brand new replacement from the seat shop I never even drove on it. The only problem it has is the driver back captain's chair has a tear in the preferi leather on the seat bottom it's about 2 inches long. It can be repaired before you put it on though pretty simple. The only other thing they need is do you have somebody knows how to sew take the plastic strips off of the bottom of your seat covers that hold them to though frame and sew them back onto these covers. We could not buy that style material so he had to take it off of the ones I had and put it on my new ones which he just cut the thread and took him off he didn't cut the letter nothing so it's all good well let me know if anybody's interested probably throw rhem up for like 600 for all 4 seat covers .

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