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    Tahoe 2021 inmeinfotant screens problems ?

    hello im new here . so i got the tahoe 21 z71 with the infotainment screens and i was trying to connect game console like xbox one x and ps4 pro . but after mints they keep shutting down i think its something to do with the voltage ?? plus i was trying to connect mini pc with Netflix and apple...
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    General Maintenance ?

    Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I have a 2005 Tahoe Z71. I bought it with 139k miles on the odometer a few years ago and I just recently hit 202k miles. About 6 months ago, check engine light came on. Scan tool said to replace the 02 sensors. So after about 20 minutes on my...
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    Harsh ride chevy tahoe

    I bought a 2009 chevy tahoe z71, the ride is harsh, I need a very smooth ride, should I change the rear springs and shocks? What you guys recommend?

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