1. cayd3n_idk

    Squeak/Whistle coming from rear-end of Tahoe.

    Hey guys. So I'm driving an 03 4WD LS Tahoe, and I've been having an odd squeak coming from (what I believe) the rear-end for a while. I changed out the entire braking system thinking that was it. Nada. I've replaced bearings within the differential, as well as the cover. Shocks are within 8...
  2. B

    ‘07 tahoe misfire & More!

    Needing Help! I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.3L V8 Ive owned it for 2 years after about a month of owning had a Cyl. 7 missfire, new plugs / wires, no fix, went down the entire rabbit hole and found a stuck valve, now i sit here today, absolutely stuck, still having a missfire (cyl 1 & 6), EVAP...
  3. B

    Recommended Bi-directional Scanners? Autel?

    Hi Forum, I'm looking for GM owner insight on a good bi-directional scan tool that works well on my 2017 yukon 5.3. I have experience with a few different professional level scan tools that are outside my price range (around $500) for something I want to purchase for personal use. Does anyone...

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