1. JPVortex

    G80 Locker

    Hi, so I'm going to be changing to fluid on my 2005 Tahoe with the G80 locker rear diff. However, all of the fluids at the stores seem to have some sort of limited slip additive. Do you guys think it'd be okay to put Mobil 1 75w90 LS into it? I'd rather not have to wait for an Amazon order to...
  2. JPVortex

    Tahoe Clunk

    Hello, I've been having a clunk in my Tahoe's suspension for a while now, and I've narrowed it down to 2 things. The CV Axle or wheel bearing. Here's a video of the clunk, and you can see a bit of movement/play in the CV Axle, is this normal or is that causing the clunk? The other thing I would...
  3. JPVortex

    2005 Tahoe Exhaust Size

    Hello, does anyone know what the size of the exhaust is for a 2005 Tahoe LT muffler that has a single in and double out y pipe? I thought it was 3 inch but when I got the pipe and connectors to go over it, it was extremely loose. Thank you!

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