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    What did you do to your 15+ K2XX Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Velcro is a great idea since I have some. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!
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    What did you do to your 15+ K2XX Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Put together a quick bike mount for my little girls bikes since I didn’t want a rack mounted to our travel trailer. Still deciding if I should pull the storage tray out and I need to figure out an easy way to stop the 2x12 from moving. Next trip Thursday so I need to figure this out fast.
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    Adding DL3 power folding mirrors

    @cmatt Are the harnesses you make so the park and cargo lights work plug & play? What’s involved with this mod? I’m seriously thinking about getting these mirrors and would like these options to work.
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    Do you have any more pics you can post such as full front view, full side view? Retracted and extended. I’ve been using the snap on tow mirrors but those don’t give the best view down the side of my travel trailer and need something better. Thanks
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    Continental TerrainContact A/T

    Great tire in my opinion. Have had mine since April 2018. Pics of my tires here
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    TRT, Tow Rig what ya tow

    2016 Yukon XL SLT and 2019 Forest River Microlite 23LB
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    AT tires for 2015+ to replace 20" Conti's...Recommendations?

    I was originally set on a LT285/55r20. I like the cooper ATPs I have on my Silverado but there was nothing that would work. Then I was looking at the KO2s, cooper LTZ and many others. I suffer from analysis paralysis and can research to death and not buy anything. I finally came across the new...
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    AT tires for 2015+ to replace 20" Conti's...Recommendations?

    I just installed the conti terrain contact a/ATs to replace the stock conti’s and really like them and how they made the Yukon look a little tougher. I was looking to go bigger with a different A/T but decided to go stock size. They are definitely worth checking out if you want to go stock size.
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    18 inch wheels or even 17's

    17s on this Burban.
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    New 2016 Tahoe that I wasn't going to mod

    How's the Diablew tune feel?
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    2016 5.3 BB tune

    I'm so tempted to get the BB tune on my 16 Yukon with the 5.3 & 3:42 gears. I hate the way it shifts. So JennaBear, is the On Star diagnostics reports I receive monthly affected or notice the tune? I'd love for this to drive and shift like my 01 Silverado with 3:73 gears and 5.3, or better.
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    Diablo inTune i2 - I'm a believer!

    Is the monthly on star diagnostics report affected by the tune or does it show anything different?
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    LEDSs headlights package

    How's the light output? Better than stock?
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    $65 Phone Mirroring to Dash and Rear Screens

    I use the isimple medialinx (see my setup on page 8) with my iPhone. It gets used everyday when I pick my girls up after work and whenever they are in the Yukon. You just need the correct adapter to plug in the Android phone.
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    Anyway to turn off V8/V4 "AFM"?

    You have it. It's on Trip A or B on you gauge cluster info center, bottom right. In D or M6, it will switch between V8 & V4.

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