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Jan 4, 2020
Jul 22, 2017
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Jan 4, 2020
    1. FX Vorbe
      FX Vorbe
      My fear is that I live in Haiti, so my order has to be perfect since shipping and tax is so expensive here
      I am planning to do:
      - 2’’ front level kit
      - 22x9.5 (+30 offset) Dub Shot Calla wheels
      - 305/45r22 Nitto TerraG2
    2. FX Vorbe
      FX Vorbe
      I read most of your posts and wanted your opinion on a few things. I just saw your pictures with your offset and thats the look I have been wanting to have. i see that your tires stick out just a little bit over the fenders and I love that aggressive look. i didn't plan on adding wheel spacers, so please tell me what you think.
    3. FX Vorbe
      FX Vorbe
      hey there,
      I am new to the forum and I have been reading your different threads and posts for about 10 days now and I actually like what you have done with your tahoe...simply BEAUTIFUL!
      Thanks to you, I bought a new one 2 days ago and Im ready to hook it up. I got a 2019 Tahoe Premier 4x4, and I was hoping to get some help from you if possible (level kit/offset/tire sizes)
      1. DWSmoot
        I run a 2.5” in front and a 1” in the rear. What questions do you have?
        Aug 26, 2019
      2. FX Vorbe
        FX Vorbe
        Im not sure if you can reassure me, but I think the parts i ordered might be too much.
        I took:
        - 2’’ front leveling kit
        - 22x9.5 +10 offset
        - 285/50r22 nitto terra grappler
        I think you know more than I do, and was wondering if you think they will fit, or stick out too much under the fenders. My parts already shipped, so ill have to wait and see.
        Aug 29, 2019
      3. DWSmoot
        I think the set up will be fine and stick out maybe 1”. I do think you will have to trim the red of the fender well.
        Sep 9, 2019
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    2017 Tahoe LT, 2.5”/1” level kit, 285/50r22 Nitto Ridge Grappler, vinyl wrapped window trim, RST front grille, dipped badges.