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Sep 2, 2020
Jan 16, 2011
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Boats n Hoes, from Raleigh/SML

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Sep 2, 2020
    1. Brett Thornton
      Brett Thornton
      Hey 01Konvict, I need another pair of the FTS ride height rod extensions. Am I able to buy these from you? My email address is: [email protected]
      1. 01Konvict
        Sorry I don’t have an extra set laying around. You can call FTS at 559-271-8685 to order a pair. Hope that helps
        Sep 23, 2019
    2. Cody93
      I just installed 7" lift on 15' Sierra Denali 4x4. I saw your post explaining the magneride/auto ride adjustments. The kit came with extenders rods, I placed on front. However, it's sitting 3" taller up front than rear.
      1. Cody93
        Any ideas on what could be wrong? Full throttle suspension said it should sit level.
        Aug 6, 2017
      2. 01Konvict
        Hey dude I can help figure it out. Send me pics or link to thread about truck. Need front end pics and rear. Measurement of rear blocks.
        Aug 8, 2017
    3. Nathan Ross
      Nathan Ross
      Could I get some info on your Lifted Denali. I have an 07 that I would like to lift and am not finding any solid information.
      1. 01Konvict
        I got a thread to the build but what exact info do you want to know?
        Nov 8, 2016
    4. HAARubicon
      Check my Albums, I added info on the Duramax Suburban
    5. XtrEmNiteCrawlR
      Threw Rockauto
      USA standard gear premium master rebuild sent Yukon gear and axle. It has all timken bearings and yukon multi lip seals. Comes with everything you need except new adjuster locks. If you are 1 of the lucky 1s don't mess with the adjusters until after you verify they need to be adjusted. Also the bearings in the adjusters should be drove from inside to out removal and install to avoid knocking the adjusters out. I wish I knew that before hand saves a lot of time!!! If they've never been adjusted they're probably still at factory adjustment and will be within backlash tolerance. If you have to adjust it you'll have to press the adjusters out and install new locks.
      This is the walk threw I followed. It was very good just remember what I said bout the adjusters.

    6. 01Konvict
      Thanks for the feedback extreme! I would expect it to be related to driveline and glad you fixed it. I will rebuild my front diff soon with new bearings and seals for preventative maintenance.
    7. XtrEmNiteCrawlR
      Oh hey man vibration was my front Dif carrier bearings. If anybody ever ask ya bout that 1 again lol!
      Suspension settled in to around 39.5" in the front and around 40.5" on the rear! Rebuilt the front Dif. Due to a bearing failure and my vibration problems went away lol. 1hr down, 3 hrs to rebuild it, and 30 mins back up.
    8. XtrEmNiteCrawlR
      Haha I guess the tq of the the 6.0 is to blame sorta JK more like AWD.. A buddy was on his way home 1 day and we caught up on the blacktop. I pulled up beside him and stepped on it! He said the ass end squatted BAD and the front unloaded and the tires started riding on the outter edges!!! I bet if it wasn't AWD I wouldn't feel it... I think I'm going to lower the front a bit. I really don't feel like cutting the uca stops off or scattering the front dif or Tcase!!!
    9. 01Konvict
      No vibration at all in my Yukon, I would assume it would be related to the front driveshaft
    10. XtrEmNiteCrawlR
      So do u have vibration at full throttle? With keys cranked up? Is that driveshaft or UCAs causing that??
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    2011 GMC Yukon Denali - Ice Blue Metallic/K&N Intake/Diablo Intune/Full Throttle-Fabtech-Zone 7" lift/American Force 20x10 -25mm/Nitto Exo 305/55R20/Bushwacker Pocket Flares/Nathan K3H Train Horns/FX-R Retrofit/XB LED/Esky tails/Esky modded third. TOTM 3-15/11-16

    2001 GMC Yukon - SOLD
    Build Thread for Keys & Spacers
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