yukon 2016

  1. NiamLeeSin

    2016 Yukon/L680 Transmission upgrades for HD TOW 2016 Yukon XL

    Hi all, I just purchased a used 2016 Yukon with 40k miles and HD tow package to be able to pull an 7500 GVWR RV trailer. Due to all the "transmission failure" complaints here, I am worried about the transmission reliability on long trips and if it would be a good idea to upgrade the torque...
  2. Y


    So I have a GMC Yukon 2016 5.3 V8. The recommended oil is 0w20 which has been used in my car up till now 70,000 km. I live in the Middle-east where the temperature in summer goes up to 50C AND even in winter it stays in the 30s. I was reading about oil grades and it says 0W20 is good for cold...