2005 tahoe

  1. JPVortex

    Tahoe Clunk

    Hello, I've been having a clunk in my Tahoe's suspension for a while now, and I've narrowed it down to 2 things. The CV Axle or wheel bearing. Here's a video of the clunk, and you can see a bit of movement/play in the CV Axle, is this normal or is that causing the clunk? The other thing I would...
  2. JPVortex

    ABS Light

    Hello, so my 2005 Tahoe's ABS light has been on for a while with 4 codes. C0222, C0226, C0268, C0291 The ABS light is off till I start driving, and the light comes on instantly. It used to sometimes not come on, but now it comes on all the time. Cleaned the grounds that could cause these...
  3. B

    Cv axle issues on lifted tahoe

    I have a 2005 Tahoe on a 6-inch lift and the cv axles I use keep breaking. It's only the driver's side axle and before it breaks it makes a clicking sound and sort of jerks the truck when the wheel is turned until the axle breaks. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be? Should I...
  4. JPVortex

    2005 Tahoe Exhaust Size

    Hello, does anyone know what the size of the exhaust is for a 2005 Tahoe LT muffler that has a single in and double out y pipe? I thought it was 3 inch but when I got the pipe and connectors to go over it, it was extremely loose. Thank you!
  5. W

    '05 Tahoe - door locks going crazy

    Hello, When I start driving all my door locks keep trying to lock ENDLESSLY..... it doesn't stop. - they lock the first time (probably @ 15mph) but then keep trying and trying and trying... Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  6. S

    Cranks not starting No fob response No gauge response

    SOLVED ****** Corrosion on the negative battery terminal was the culprit. Thanks all Turn up volume Above should be video of an attempt to start. 2005 Tahoe 5.3L 2WD Symptoms: Cranking but not starting (see vid) No response from the key fob Cannot lock door(s) with armrest button Weird dash...
  7. Jim Clifford

    Need New Front CV Axles. Which is best brand?

    250k Miles and the original shafts have given up the ghost. Need new ones. I've been satisfied in the past with the quality of 1-A Auto's parts ..... But what are your experiences on CV Axles?

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