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    New Tahoe to the fleet.

    When the Tahoe has everything there is really no need to do much. Finally getting sick of all this chrome so some strategic Vinyl Wrap to be had. Off a fresh roll of Avery and let the darkenss take over. Going to do the grill next but for now just did both sides of the door trim. Cheers.
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    Post pics of your avalanche or EXT

    Beloved Avalanche got the old T Bone and was a written off. Looked long and hard and couldnt find another Avalanche for a decent price. Stumbled accross this EXT and i am 2nd owner. 2008 pre active cylinder control with 164 000km. Did a custom front grill swap and started a few small mods...
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    NORCAL SS 4/6 Drop on Escalade ESV

    Is it possible to do a 4/6 drop and keep factory air ride shocks operational on an escalade ? @NORCAL SS
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    2016 Chevy Tahoe LTZ Ticking behind Dash

    HMMMMM. Wierd. We just got my tahoe so will have to investigate more.
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    How hard is it to install katzkin leather in a 15' yukon?

    I Have done it on my first 2015 Tahoe, And it isn't that bad at all. Details and pics in my build here . Just be careful;l with side airbags is all. Unplug battery fully.
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    2016 Chevy Tahoe LTZ Ticking behind Dash

    Any news on this? Mine has it as well only once you start the truck and then it goes away.
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    New Tahoe to the fleet.

    Out with the old and in with the new to us. Old silver had over 120k and was out of warranty. Found a 2016 with 41k on it and it was a LTZ so why the heck not. This thing is minty fresh and needs nothing. All the bells and instruments packed into this thing are an nice touch to have. It has the...
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    Show off your 2015-2016 lowered tahoes and yukons

    What exhaust tips are those ?
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    How does your gmt800 truck look right now ?

    Ok well its almost half a Tahoe.
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    2015: Remove Bottom Part of Front Bumper

    Does anybody know why they made it like this to begin with. Looks way better once trimmed.
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    LED Black Bow Tie

    Wow i cant see the pic? Hope it looks cool and not like the f150 light up failure...........couch post the pic Cough
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    New Tahoe to the fleet.

    Ok so here some updated pics i did at the mall one day just messing around with my phone camera. Cheers.
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    2015 Yukon HID Conversion from The Retrofit Source

    DDM kit still going strong. Zero issues.

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