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    2015 Yukon XL Paint Problems

    Tell them you want 30% of the estimate because of the depreciation and pocket it and sell it.
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    Fuel pressure drops with key off.

    What is the fuel pressure at the rail-get a guage-maybe rent one
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    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Changed oil today-only oil and filter i will use on my tahoe. Wallmart always has the 5 quart container on sale.This week 22.37 for a 5 quart container of mobil 1 sold.Royal purple filter is my top 2 best filters.With free shipping so i dont have to even step foot in the place.
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    Intermediate steering shaft U-joint. Can you replace it?

    Why would you even want to try and do that its cheap enough to replace the whole shaft.Their is an updated one also if you have the original still on it.
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    145 amp alternator

    Finally got one that wasnt broken all done.Amazon no fuss return policy and they deliver on sundays.Told them part was broken in box friday after noon arrived by noon today.
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    05 Z71 5.3 lifters

    I agree i have never installed lifters without soaking them in oil overnight.Your main concern is a problem 5-10 pounds of oil is major teardown.Maybe you took out the cam bearings-poss plug the oil pump inlet screen with alot of junk.You got a couple problems now.Sorry to hear your...
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    145 amp alternator

    My tensioner and idler came in today was ready to install open the box and wtf.The piece that is broken is not in the box either so it was pkg this way and shipped
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    145 amp alternator

    Yep he moved 1 mile out of the way so i forgot he was still in business.Gave it to him at 11 am called at 3 said come get it.He had 18 to do today very busy.145 amp 120 bucks 220 amp upgrade 200 and some 330-340 amp for super high end radio system for 350.Every part is changed except the case he...
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    145 amp alternator

    So i remembered a place close by that has been in business for over 30 yrs-that used to do my alternators and starters.He said bring it by.He guted it replace every part inside and new bearings.Said a bearing was bad and took out the regulator hitting it.2 yr warranty 120 bucks and it was the...
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    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    So when you get in an accident and your not on your phone with the app open how do they come on and say is everybody ok like they used to.What happens if the phone is destroyed or thrown out or in your pocket lol.Back in the day i used to love onstar because of my poor cell phone service which i...
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    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    So everything in the vehicle pertaining to onstar is now useless and wasted space.You must be on your app connected for it to work while driving lol
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    145 amp alternator

    So what replacement alternator is everyone going with.Im noticing my lights flickering slightly and gauge fluctuating at idle and sometime dragging down idle when fluctuating.Leading me to think alternator is going out.Oe price was 393.00 delco 200 and car quest 177.Im leaning towards the ac...
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    Upper steering shaft if you remove the lower bolt and push and pull it up and down it should get enough grease on it to reinstall the bolt and go for a test drive.This will verify that is the problem without spending a dollar.You could take the shaft totally out and put grease on the shaft and...
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    If everything is tight im going with upper steering shaft very common ask me how i no.You can lube it for free or replace it cheap
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    Front bumper rust spots

    100% replace the bumper and i painted the inside with rustproof paint or undercoating.Alot of them rust from inside out.

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