08 Tahoe - Major Engine Issues

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    Feb 9, 2017
    This is a mechanical issue rather than a hybrid issue, but since it's on my HyHoe, I am posting here.

    Two weekends ago, my 08 Tahoe Hybrid had to be towed to the shop with a Cylinder 6 misfire. The mechanic is giving me weird stories, and I don't know whether to trust him or not.

    He initially claimed that it was only getting 75 PSI in that cylinder, and that he scoped it and the cylinder wasn't making TDC - implying that it had a bent connecting rod. I've heard of that happening, but really - what is the chance of running smooth for hours, then suddenly getting vapor lock, and bending the rod??

    Fast forward to this past weekend. After Irma had his shop closed for 8 days, I went back and talked to him. When I asked the vapor lock question to the mechanic, he never even hinted that it was a rod issue.

    Same guy recently did a full head/lifter job just 4 months ago on that same side of the engine. Could an error in putting it back together manifest itself after that period of time?

    This Hoe is getting to be a real headache!! Every time there is an engine issue, they want to replace the whole thing.

    Any help, comments, etc would be appreciated.

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