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  1. P

    Odd issue with aftermarket stereo

    Relevant Info: 2008 Tahoe SSV, with mid 2007 build date on vin tag. Replaced non-working factory head unit with a Dual mech-less head unit from Wallyworld. Upon replacing the head unit, I only had sound from the tweeters. I had not heard any sound from any speaker in vehicle up until that...
  2. N

    No sound from OEM stereo- amp BYPASSED already

    Head unit turns on, and everything works fine. But no sound from any speaker. I go to check amp and do factory bypass and install new head unit, and I see that a previous owner already did the amp bypass. Now I’m at a loss. Hellllpppp plz. I have a 2001 Suburban LT, pretty much all stock. I...
  3. hitdawg742


  4. Jeffrey Howell

    Looking for a 2012-14 OEM navigation Stereo

    Anyone here have a 12-14 OEM navigation stereo they want to sell? I have an 08 Yukon SLT with nav and want to upgrade it to the hard drive nav unit. I also don't want to lose my rear DVD capability. I don't have enough comments to post on the classifieds yet. Thanks!
  5. TBRUCE312

    Best head unit upgrade?

    I'm looking to upgrade my head unit in my 2012 Yukon. The main reason is I can't play aac files which is the ITunes format. Its a pain in the ass to try to convert my 1000+ songs to mp3 and they don't sound as loud and clean. Really want something that looks factory but is new tech. I saw some...
  6. Murdered818

    Head unit suggestions

    Hello all, I am in the market for a head unit with a backup camera, I also have 2 L7 subs I want to incorporate. With so many options out there I want to get some insight from anyone who has an aftermarket HU, pros and cons. Thanks yall.

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