First Tahoe, but no stranger to full size GM SUVs: '89 K5 a long time ago and just sold a '91 V2500 (3/4 ton, 4x4) Suburban, last year of the squarebody. The burb was pretty well built up, 383 stroker motor, later model 4L80e, lots of TBI tuning etc, but I just wasn't using it and wanted to move onto something a little more practical. (Plus my wife never liked it and she loves the Tahoe)

Tahoe is '09 LS, 4x4 - has just the options I want and nothing more. 5.3, Heavy-duty cooling, locker rear, etc. Good color, too. Has 192K, but I'm not afraid of swapping in a long block or even rebuilding. Same with trans (although I wouldn't rebuild that myself). I was specifically looking for an '09 - 6L80, but still has a 2 speed t-case. Runs awesome, no significant issues. I already put on new Cooper tires, swapped to a CarPlay stereo, fixed cruise by replacing the brake switch, added factory style fog lights, and several other odds and ends. Not sure what the long range plans are, 6.2? Turbo? We'll see, just going to drive it for now.
Vancouver, WA
Engineering Manager


2009 Tahoe LS, 4x4 (2-speed t-case), 5.3, 6L80, AFM delete
1976 Corvette, original L-48 block, 9.5:1 CR, Vortec heads
2013 Subaru Crosstrek, 5 speed (beater daily)

Past interesting vehicles: '89 K5 Blazer, '91 V2500 Suburban


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