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    1. william quirk
      william quirk
      Chris i have a 2016 Yukon Denali and would like to put a 2017 cluster in my truck because i like the blue is this something you can do the programming on or if i send you my cluster can you change out the overlay
    2. Curtis Brown
      Curtis Brown
      Hello, my name is Curtis and I actually joined this forum because I saw you did the cluster and HUD programming so I can retrofit it to my Yukon. Please reply and let me know if you're still doing this.
    3. Dr Alex
      Dr Alex
      I will be attempting to retrofit my 2016 'Burban LTZ collision warning device with a HUD. I have all the parts, does it need to be programmed as you have mentioned in prior posts? If so, I live in NJ, Do you have references or contacts out here
    4. Ricardo Rodriguez
      Ricardo Rodriguez
      Hey, how are you? I saw you did a mod last year for the intelilink which is super awesome. I'm reaching out to you out of curiosity since this year GM has decided to implement android auto on to their intelilink and it's definitely something i would like on my truck and I wanted to see if it's an upgrade you could do to the current intelilink in my 2015?
    5. bourgeois
      can I have more info on programing the BCM??
    6. ky2015denali
      I wonder if you would be kind enough to check on my Order # RSDHD6 ?
      It has been on order since 3/28/14.
      Your help is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, ky2015 Denali/ Jim Pontrich Shelbyville, Ky
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