Z55 AWD Yukon Denali Lift

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Nov 25, 2022
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Almost Heaven, WV
Dearly noted and thank you! I am going to try and use the long, grueling Canadian winter to set it up for camping season 2023. I'm not familiar with the NorCal mod, so I will read into that. EDIT: LOL one google search and now i realize it has nothing to do with ride height.... If it has anything to do with the relocation of the ride height sensors, then I feel it wont be needed, as the suspension maxx kit comes with pre-fab'd sensor rod brackets so you can raise it up rather easily. Seems like the only kit i've seen out there doing this.

Also the running board, I might remove it and see what I think. It's not that tall of a truck, easy to get in and out of.
Are you making any progress?? Curious after reading thread lol


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Sep 26, 2022
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A 4 inch lift may be better in that it provides new spindles and brackets to drop the lower control arms and front differential. The strut assemblies can either use a spacer on top or the shock replaced with a longer one.

There are lots of build threads on here of guys doing this such as, Randy's thread, @randeez

These guys also come to mind: @gmartin1215 @Dustin Jackson @87carl @Rockcrawler11 @Tozan @Marshall 008 @Oh Kee Pah @mrpeterclark
I agree with Swathdiver. Speaking from experience just by the lift kit so you get everything to keep your geometry within specs. I went the level kit, keys upper control arm and so on and it's just a way to nickel and dime you until you get tired of fiddling with it and by the kit. Save yourself a lot of time and money and buy the kit to do it right. I'm actually getting ready to install a 6" NTD lift on my 05 Escalade. It is possible to keep your auto ride working as well. It's about 1200 bucks out the door for a RC lift kit and trust me by the time you get done diddling around the other way you'll spend that and end up spending it again for the kit anyway.

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