Window Wash Tank Protection or Move to Another Location?

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Dec 30, 2021
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I am still considering relocating/replacing my window wash tank. I have seen options for an aluminum wash tank, but the ones I found only have a single pump and no level sensor. I suppose I could modify one to have dual pumps and a sensor, but I would like to see if there are other options. I do want to keep the space open for a second battery.
I like @Swanbird11 idea. Did you ever build that?
Another option I read is where someone used a wash tank from a 96, but did not see any details on that idea.
Any other ideas?
That project ended up getting pushed back... Due to my 4l60e blowing up again and working on my Mercedes. Still planning on it though and ill make sure to post it when its done


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Feb 21, 2016
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Definitely curious about ways to move mine. I have a 97 tahoe tank sitting it has spot for 2 pumps but I don't remember a spot for a sensor it is shorter body and doesn't look like it would take much trimming of core support sheetmetal and battery tray to get its neck to come up infront of left battery and make a couple mounts for it but I haven't had a down time I wasn't rushing to get truck back up to attempt it. Another thought I had was stick the 97 or a stock reservoir inside under rear interior panel and cut round hole in top of the panel for reservoirs neck to pop out for filling then the washer hose that used to run to back can be used to run fluid forward to windshield and connect a hose to rest of the rear washer hose. And make a simple extension harness to run wires back to it. That's plan I prefer when I get around to it

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