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Discussion in 'Audio & Electronics' started by homesick, Feb 10, 2019.

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    aah I see, I knew you had the ssv that's why I was what the heck? lol
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    Oh, so THIS is what makes you talk!
    Sack cinched up, read and tracked it all. Good stuff. At this point, Joe's probably like, "I'm sorry I asked. I'm just gonna get some Dual speakers from Walmart, not tell anyone and hope this thread fades away".

    Trackin' here too! I'm fluent in Sarcastinese.
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    First, it's rare to see the depth and breadth of y'all's replies here. I thank all you guys.

    I think objective and subjective sides both have some validity. I'm into it enough that I have Rotel electronics and Paradigm speakers in the house, but I'll never have directional-copper wires or those pucks to keep the wires from touching the floor. I guess I'm entry-level high-end.

    Your 'smiley face' EQ sounds basically like the old 'loudness' button; except that the loudness button'a effect tapers off as the volume goes up.

    I agree with your harsh environment comment, and that environment is the #1 influence. Cars/trucks are the worse-- variable noise interference due to mechanical and wind noise changing with vehicle speed, lots of glass to reflect and harshen sound, tin-canning of steel panels, etc.

    I agree, also, that speakers are the prime system influence of sound quality (hence the thread's title).

    LOL, yes, less bass sounds worse; and louder, and/or more treble, sounds better. Even if they don't. I also read recently that 'Aja' by Steely Dan is an unofficial official demo song for dealers because it can make gear sound better than it really does.

    I don't think my trouble is a high or low freq loss. It's been this way since my Navy aircraft mechanic days as a teenager. My hearing tests thru 20 years of military never showed any problem losses. Reproduced vocals are just painful to listen to sometimes. I think the current problem freqs are the ones affected by the aircraft. They were reciprocating, not jets, so there wasn't a lot of high freq noise.

    Also, I think maybe you should be glad you're measuring low freq noise. High freqs are the more damaging ones.

    ----------edit to add--------

    I just didn't feel like braving the cold today to go out and look for specific model numbers and brands. I'll do it though.

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