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The Grafx Shop - Updates! & NEW Products!

Discussion in 'The Grafx Shop' started by The Grafx Shop, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Feb 10, 2012
    The Grafx Shop - Updates! & NEW Products!

    we have made many many new changes to our website. If you didn't already know we have upgraded to a NEW and improved order system and website layout . Its been running almost a month and the customer feedback has been great! If you had an account with our old system you will have to register a new account on the new system as the user data has not been imported.

    We have also upgraded to be able to accept credit cards without the help of paypal (but we still also accept paypal). This took us a few weeks to set up our secure online credit card processing servers to keep everyones info as safe as the big box websites. In fact we are using the same back end and online credit card processing the big box stores use (to name a few TD BANK, Futureshop, best buy, Shaw, British Columbia Lottery Association, Globe and Mail, Province of BC, UBC ....ect...ect) (hows that for an upgrade?)

    also among accepting ... VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL ... Our customers have requested we accept Money Orders .. so ... WE NOW ACCEPT MONEY ORDERS! and Check by Mail (bank checks only ... no personal checks)
    hows that for payment options? ... we understand that not everyone has a credit card, nor does everyone want to use online banking. We made it easy. Send a money order if you like!

    in other news we have added a boat load more LED and HID kit products to the website.

    and the shipping costs on most of our products are still free! ... FREE! .. and the products that have a charge for shipping. its the same cost for both USA and Canadian customers. now thats a first .... our new system also takes into account a huge discount if your buying more then one LED product ... example . shipping for 2 led bulbs $9.99 but if you buy 4, the shipping is $11.00 .. . we save money on shipping ... you save money on shipping!

    WOW! ... .... CRAZY!
    As before, you can see the latest products we added by clicking new products or clicking here http://www.thegrafxshop.ca/category_s/1874.htm

    So check us out again www.thegrafxshop.ca | www.thegrafxshop.com

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