Thank You To All Who Have Served, Past, Present & Future!

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Jul 16, 2011
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I have no words that can properly paytribute to those that have served before and after me. Many thousands of men and women have given much more than I have. When I even allow myself to think of those who have sacrificed life or limb, I am brought to tears that I just can't control. My children know me as a halfway hard man, one that cuts them no slack and won't back down from any man for any reason. But, on days like today, I make it a point to have them watch videos with me among other things, to honor those who serve and have served. My children have looked at me with shock on their faces as we watch the simplest of videos like the one below because all it takes is a few seconds and I will have tears running down my face. Tears of pride because I served, tears of thankfulness for those that are serving, have served; but most of all, for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families. It is because of the dedication to duty of these honorable men and women that we as Americans have never been attacked on our home soil. It is because of them that we live in such peace and leisure here at home. Please, if you know someone who is serving today, has served or someone who has given their life or limb in our defense; take a moment today and thank them. If you can't thank them personally, say a little prayer for them and their families, especially those serving overseas as we speak. They deserve our support. Thank you all for your selflessness and sacrifices!


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