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Running multiple new speaker wires thru the door Jambs

Discussion in 'Tech Info' started by Ryan Buck, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. Ryan Buck

    Ryan Buck Full Access Member

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    Mar 2, 2018
    Mesa Arizona
    07ACF72A-DBE5-4B65-9BF8-306D119371F2.jpeg 90D384D4-CA68-4411-978E-543F579BB9AA.jpeg 589DD49A-5D36-43E2-BFB8-92085ECA5A4A.jpeg CE7E4001-A15C-47E1-9DB0-68FEFA24A26B.jpeg 5B8B26B1-1C20-4DDD-9A26-F4BC635C9E98.jpeg I am going to be putting three speakers in each door on my own to Tahoe. One 8 inch Fosgate ProSeries, one Six-inch Fosgate ProSeries, and one inch and a half fosgate ProSeries tweeter. I searched everywhere trying to find info on how to get this speaker wires through the door jams in a clean manner. I also tried to see if I could find a company making some kind of aftermarket new boot for the door jam but came up empty handed. I am away is far as to message quite a few people that I seen had multiple speakers in their doors. Not one person got back to me. You would think it’s just like all the other trucks you just feed new wires through the existing boot in the door jam. Well Chevrolet for some reason on the cab side of the door jam decided they wanted to put a plate in the hole with two wire plugs going into it so there’s no room to pass anything through. I wasn’t going to just drill new holes in my door jam and you have three sets of speaker wire is flopping around in there. My OCD Will not let me use of the lake that LOL. So after thinking about it for a few days and examining it they pulled the plastic plate out of the cab and pulled out the plug that had the speaker wires on it then I unplugged that harness and pull the pins out with A pair of needle nose pliers. Next I found the biggest drill bit that I had that would fit where that plug used to be and drilled out where that plugs used to be. After I had a half inch hole in there I pulled this speaker wires completely out and cutting way back on the floorboard of the cab so they were out of the way. Next I found some matching wires for the rest of the wires that used to be the plug and a extended all of them bring in them through the new hole as well I believe there’s a total of five You will need to hook back up. Next I fed a piece a wire through the river boob and into the cab. Then I took the three new strands of speaker wire and taped them to that wire and pull them through. After that I just put the rubber boot back around the plate and snapped it back into the cab and popped the door side boot back into the door and put the B pillar cover back on. Next I taped all three of the speaker wires together really tight and touch them up through the door jam so they would be out-of-the-way in under the passenger side back seat where the amp is going to be. Yeah it’s a pain in the neck but now I don’t have to worry about anything and nobody will even see that I ever did it. To me that’s worth the time.
  2. adriver

    adriver Full Access Member

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    Aug 18, 2018
    I used dialectic grease to help lube the wires through that casing and the door jamb. It was much easier to take those rings off and do the all of the five parts separately (door jamb, ring, tubing, ring, jamb). Unless you are running those on separate channels or separate amps, you could have just ran one wire and spliced it after the door. That wire also looks larger than what you would need for those speakers.

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