Radiator fan runs when engine is cold

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Marky Dissod

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Mar 3, 2023
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I don't think it is the mechanical fan's duty cycle that is a problem
I didn't say it was a PROBLEM. I'm trying to improve something or some things.
I think it is the shifts from engine speed to not engine speed (engaging the clutch) that wears it out.
Would the mech clutch fan last longer if it engaged / disengaged / reengaged less often?
Is that what you're saying?

What I'M saying is:
instead of using the electrical fan merely to enhance AC function under 1000 engine RpM,
why not use it as a primary fan?
Program the pcm to treat it as a primary electrical fan (and wire it as such) so that the mech clutch fan is the 2ndary fan, instead of the primary fan?

Separate from that:
Also, the TSB indicates the fan makes roaring sounds when engaged.
This would increase your loud factor with unpleasant sounds.
So I think I'd prefer to see if I could get a quieter fan that would move as much air.
The roar is not my primary concern, although it may well be for some.
Of greater concern to me is that it's much easier to find a fan's wattage rating than that fan's cfm rating.
Obviously having both would be best.
Not objecting to a quieter fan! I'd take a louder fan that moved more air using less wattage.
For argument's sake, noise level would be my tiebreaker.