Poly Bushings

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Jul 24, 2010
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What are the experiences with Polyeurethane bushings on OBS trucks?
I have a '00 OBS Z71 and its time to redo the front end. Last time I did it was 11 years ago with all Moog parts.
This time around I'd consider using the poly bushings in the control arms.

I've used poly numerous times in street cars. Some results were great, others not so much depending on the application (such as the rear caster bushing on 4th gen camaro/firebird).

I use my truck for overlanding, and mountain exploring quite a bit so it does see some pretty reasonable off-road use.
Has anyone had long term issues with these bushings such as decay, crumbling, cracking, splitting, etc resulting in early lifetime failure?
Any longevity issues in the upper and lower control arm locations?

greasing isn't an issue. poly bushings re-use the existing bushing shell. I build up a 'pad' tig'ing SiBronze on the outside of the shell and then drill & tap it for a zerk. I can then grease the bushings just like the other suspension joints. this works amazingly well, btw.

My only other consideration is to install a fresh set of Moogs in, but I wont be surprised if the current off-shore sourced stuff doesn't last as long as what I put in over a decade ago.
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Sep 11, 2023
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Curious what you did? I put poly bushings in my dodge truck and kinda regret it. Its a very harsh ride now. With no real benefit like you'd have in a "fun" car.


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Mar 18, 2021
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I did Poly Bushings in my '97 GT. I would not do it again. I had to burn the old rubber ones out of my control arms. After the black smoke cleared, I thought I would have to press the new ones in, however the new poly bushings were a very loose fit. Over time this accelerated the wear. I also did the body mounts at the same time. They had the most annoying squeak to them, especially going over speed bumps. I replaced the control arms with a set from Rock Auto, which had rubber bushings installed. I unfortunately scrubbed my tires out, because I ran with the old poly bushings in the control arms too long.