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    Jul 30, 2011
    update: a lot has happened since i made this post on Treadwright tires and just would like to make an update now. in 2017 i bought two more Treadwrights since 2 of the original ones i had bought were worn down. the ones with Kedge. the ones i ordered this time i did not get Kedge since the replacement the sent me did not have it.

    well i am updating this to say i am done with Remolds. when i originally bought them they were half price or more from just regular tires but now i can get same size for less money. i plan to but Cooper Discoverer 265/75/16 AT3's and i see them now selling for $107 and i can get 10% off retail so there really is no reason to buy the remolds any more for my use. plus it came apart and knocked a hole in my rear quarter panel. funny thing is it still held air. just the tread blew off.

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