Need Some Help Deciding on a Color

Which is the best color?

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Nov 20, 2021
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Well like the title says I am looking for opinions on colors. At the end of the day everyone is going to say "get what you want"... I know. But just looking for everyone's $0.02, aren't we pretty good at that on the forums?

Past vehicles I've owned and colors:

1996 GMC Sonoma dark red w/black interior
2006 Silverado 1LT Victory Red w/black interior
2010 Camaro 2SSRS Red Jewel Tintcoat w/black interior
2014 Subaru WRX dark blueish purple w/black interior
2015 Grand Cherokee Overland Altitude black on black
2020 Dodge Durango white w/black interior, red seats
2015 RAM 1500 Sport black on black (currently driving) IG: @elvira5.7hemi

Below are my colors ranked:

1. Satin Steel
2. Iridescent Pearl
3. Summit White
4. Auburn Metallic (aka Caffeine Metallic Corvette)
5. Cherry Red Tintcoat
6. Midnight Blue
7. Dark Ash (Seen the youtube videos, almost looks purple like some have commented)
8. Black
9. Evergreen Metallic (Could have been so much better! sShould have been a pure forrest green, not this opaque gray...)
10. Empire Beige

Interior: Gideon/Very Dark Atmosphere

If the Graywood Metallic (2021) or Sand Dune Metallic (Colorado) was an option I'd be all over it. I will never own another black vehicle. Sorry, very hard to keep clean, harder to maintain, hotter temperature (I live in hot climates). I do like the new Auburn Metallic (aka Caffeine Metallic in the Vette), but again afraid of a dark color. I also think the new colors for 2022 are going to be harder to find. Red is too flashy, belongs on a muscle car or fast vehicle. I have Satin Steel up top because I am afraid of looking like a panda bear or a Storm Trooper. No I am not a Star Wars nerd. My wife says she doesn't care for the Satin Steel or most of the colors available and prefer's black. One of her last cars was a black Grand Cherokee WK2. As I write this I feel like I may find myself in Summit White....


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May 18, 2017
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Treasure Coast, Florida
I just went on GMCs website for 2022s and picked Redwood Metallic for you! LOL

Ok, went to Chevy and it is the same as Auburn Metallic.

My wife walked by and said she saw a 2022 Suburban with Auburn Metallic today and really liked it. Then she saw the Chevy window open and liked even better the color Dark Ash Metallic; and she's Puerto Rican! They all usually like red! LOL
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Jan 18, 2011
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Black owner here, I love it being a neutral color, but some of the body lines are lost in its vastness.

Satin Steel Metallic is just gorgeous. I wonder if it will hold up/age well as far as preferences go for 10+ years.

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