My ultimate 6.0L truck engine build

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Sep 25, 2022
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Houston Texas
Appreciate the effort put in here but have to call out the elephant in the room .it’s overthought and underbuilt imho.
I’ll try to point out why and to preface this I have been building,tuning and racing gmt800s for over a decade and currently own 3 “05 avalanche 08 Escalade 03 denali xl “
Going 6.0 is a super smart move ,going lq9 pistons and rods with 317 heads is a no no for me here’s why.
When you use the 70cc 317 chamber to keep cr around 10 ish with the flat top pistons “lq9” you limit your cam choices due to ptv “piston to valve clearance “
It’s why Roger won’t recommend a high lift cam or long duration cam for that setup “I have used ALOT of Vinchi cams “
If your concern is octane you can work around it via tuning .

The way I always point any person wanting a high torque 6.0 is lq4 “dished piston “ and 243 heads to get the cr into the low 10s .
Leaves a lot of room for way longer duration and split lift cams to help torque production and won’t require dual valve springs or insane spring pressure “beehives preferred with proper trunion upgrades “

Next while going link bar lifters isn’t a bad thing it’s overkill and adds complexity that isn’t required or beneficial. I have plenty of 200k-300k mile engines in towing applications using nothing but good “real” Delphi ls7 lifters with zero issue .oiling is more your enemy in this regard vs the lifter failure .also pushrod diameter and weight is gonna be your problem hence I try to stay 5/16 .080 wall on most stock low rpm “below 6600rpm “ builds

Also if your 6.0 came with the square lower rod caps you could have just cleaned up used good rod and main bearings with new rings and already have a proven 1k capable rotating assembly since 03/4 up 6.0 used what became the gen 4 rods and the crank is and has never been a weak point on any of the LS/Vortec engine family

Tuning ,tuning and tuning is your biggest gain ,good injectors with known STABLE data is key ,”deatchwerks,injector dynamics “ you should be using a wideband to tune ,changing all that’s been changed and trusting the VE tables to be correct and praying your MAF tuning dials you in is a recipe for disaster .any decent wideband only costs 200 ish these days so why step over dollars to pick Pennie’s and yes you say your not going into PE or WOT ,but that’s only a under load situation ,your part throttle and low load areas may be massively lean or rolling rich that can cause a whole mess of issues .

I can go on and point to
Other things but it’s nitpicking and again while I can appreciate the effort I think more research would have been best and keep to the KISS method when it comes to torque builds .

Keep up the work either way and good luck

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