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GMC4x4.com VT Summer 2014 Trail Run

Discussion in 'Events' started by AA1PR, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Jul 29, 2014
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    GMC4x4.com VT Summer 2014 Trail Run

    OK so let's do this August 9-10th 2014

    last year we arrived early at the campsite on friday & we can do that as well

    this year we will explore the Southern half of the Green Mountain National Forest

    I've never really explored this area so it'll be new to all of us

    in my search I found a few class IV trails near the area we can also explore to mix things up

    most of this will be on county or forest sevice dirt/gravel roads

    I will explore what is available for group camping & post that later & make any & all reservations if needed

    so email me [email protected] so I have an idea of who's attending

    What's the plan for the day?
    - quick lunch at a local Vermont eatery
    - trail ride (Class III - IV roads)

    This will be a fun day of meeting members from GMC4x4 and other forums (i.e. ExpeditionPortal!), driving through the beautiful back woods of VT and even some more challenging terrain for modified trucks. After the trail run, we'll head for dinner & drinks to catch up, relax and swap stories.

    Vehicle Requirements
    - front & rear recovery points
    - 4 wheel drive

    B/c the standard course for this trail ride can be done simply with 4 wheel drive, the requirements are minimal and I will have extra hitch pins on hand to create a rear recovery point for guys with OEM bumpers. For trucks that want to venture into the more difficult terrain, I recommend a lift, taller tires (33" min) and body armor. The trucks will be spaced so their is a rig with a winch nearby should you get stuck.

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