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For Sale Do you have something that you want to sell? You can do that in here.

You will need at least 100 posts on the forums and be a member for 180 days before you can post a classified listing. We also look for people spamming the forum just to hit 100 post to be able to sell.

We make these rules so people aren't scammed, but more importantly we want everyone to be part of this community.

Rules for selling (and some general tips)

For Sellers:

--Make sure you put what year/years your item fits and a description in the the. You need to put "00-06 Radiator & door handles" and NOT just put "Random stuff for sale". If you do, you will be PMed to fix. If you continue to do it, your threads will be deleted.
--You MUST put a price on what you're selling.
--Make sure your Ad is filled with the appropriate information and specs of the Part/Vehicle you are selling.
--Include your location and try and include a shipping price into the Ad
--Verify with any potential buyers that they understand what they are buying and fully understand the conditions
-- Keep in contact with the seller until the transaction is COMPLETE! This means they have the goods IN HAND
-- Be sure to leave feed back on the buyer in the "members evaluation" section. This helps with future sellers and buyers feel safe with using the Classifieds.

For Buyers :

--Make sure you read the Ad in its entirety to avoid any confusion
-- Be sure to ask ANY questions you may have before committing to any purchase.
(remember people talk if word gets out you are not a pleasure to do business with nobody will be interested in doing any business with you. This goes for the sellers as well)
--Be sure to leave feed back on the buyer this helps with future sellers and buyers feel safe with using the Classifieds.

Remember, the Classifieds here work like any Classifieds do. TYF is not responsible for any "Sour" sales . This is why it is encouraged to use PAYPAL as a form of payment for the safest of transactions. This way no private information gets released to either party.

If you do have a issue try to resolve it amongst yourselves before getting staff involved. But as stated, we have no power to "MAKE" someone fix a sour sale.

Be polite and courteous


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