Diesel ETA?

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Sep 17, 2022
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I take any YouTube video with a grain of salt anymore, most are trying to get viewers, so they use extremes. My business we have kept trucks now longer than we normally do, we changed the criteria for replacements. We used to replace any vehicle that was 3 years, or 100k, whichever came first. We now replace them at 150k, or if the repairs will exceed the cost of a replacement. We have 2 LM2's that just hit the 150k mark, no issues, just routine maintenance. They are being replaced as soon as the new trucks arrive and can be outfitted by the shop. Realistically, they will likely have 160-170k when they are swapped out.
A good example is my old 2007 Chev 2500 LBZ Diesel I gave to my son. There are YouTube videos out there stating the transmissions are prone to failure, the pistons melt, the headgaskets leak, etc. It just passed the 400k mark, only work is 1 glow plug, the hydraboost, carrier bearing, and the front ball joints were just replaced for the second time, and he had it repained, and the seats rebuilt. He loves the truck, doesn't want to part with it. The "Planned Obsolesense" arrow, that is the belt that GM recomends is replaced at 200k. Dealership here does it for around $1,500, takes them about 4 hours.
The issue with this video, like most, there isn't a mention on well it was maintained, was it chipped, and were there any mods.
You are correct. Can also be a fluke. This engine in the video jumped time. Could be from lack of maintenance. But of course the YouTuber won't say that. It's all for views. It's a production.