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Amsoil tours information

Discussion in 'Freedom Motorsports' started by Freedom Motorsports, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Jul 16, 2011
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    I was asked a little while back whether or not AMSOIL Inc. offered tours of their facilities. This is what I found out along with what I plan to attempt to put together for sometime this summer.

    First, AMSOIL does not offer tours for the general public. They prefer to make tours available for larger groups of their Preferred Customers, Dealers, Commercial & Retail account holders. But they are open to approving tours for groups that are put together by their Independent Dealers like myself.

    Because of this I am going to be working on a general get together for a combination of things. First, instead of expecting people to travel for just a tour of the AMSOIL facilities I am going to be attempting to put together an event that includes visiting one of the off road parks in the area ( I linked to the information page for this area below ). With a time spent having a time doing what we all love, taking our trucks off road and simply having the AMSOIL tour as kind of a bonus I personally think this could be a good thing, but I want input about who may be interested before I go through putting it together. It should also be known that I am going to be promoting this event on all of my Sponsored Forums, up to and including the FordRaptorForum.com. Yes, I know, it if a Ford Forum, but those guys are SERIOUS about taking their trucks off road in all kinds of conditions so putting together an event catering to guys that enjoy off roading is the point. Plus, both GM & Ford guys can come together to enjoy a common love of the sport in general.

    Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area

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