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    Hum, the sole reason I bought my particular 2015 Tahoe LT is it was the only one I could find that has 61.000 documented or confirmed miles. In rustbelt states It is difficult to ascertain the correct mileage at purchase time. And five years of salted roads isn't welcome news. So I did as comprehensive a search of it's history as I was able. But again it was the right color or none color, that I could find and the right package. Here in SE Pennsylvania almost all 5 year old vehicles have knocked down at least 15-20K miles and are put up for sale or Trade-in as mine was. Maybe it's just me, but I have a hell of a time tossing away $30-$40K on a truck that hasn't or is close to being non-warranty covered, so what every I had before 2020 was all the insurance I had. Mine was a off lease vehicle and it had been serviced by a nearby Chevrolet Dealership, so I could pretty much confirm the mileages over the last 5 years. But it is Very Easy to alter the mileage any more.
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