23 Tahoe Grill Wrap, Tint, Side Markers

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Sep 29, 2022
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Had the windows tinted 5% and the bronze on the High Country grill wrapped in black PPF. They also threw a piece in on the sides of the bow tie on rear.

The blacked out LED side markers arrive in a few days along with the bowtie puddle lights.

This grill should have a black option from the factory.

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Very nice, your Tahoe looks very similar to mine. Same color except my wheels are chrome. When it comes to window tinting, I studied this carefully because I've had skin cancer. After much research and experimentation with laboratory grade instruments. I discovered Xpel window tinting. It's the very best at blocking UVB. UVB is believed to be the frequencies that does the most harm to the skin. It is about 3X times better than anything else I tested, (other than being a customer, I have NO financial relationship with the company). The upgrades to my Tahoe that I appreciate the most, was the permanent disabling of Daytime Running Lights and the permanent disabling of the engine Stop / Start stop technology. DRLs do nothing to improve safety, they make the vehicle look better when off, and I now get slightly better gas mileage. (GM disables DRLs for EPA testing). Engine Stop / Start ONLY exists to score a few EPA points when the vehicle is tested for mileage. In the real world, it's estimated it will save you ONE gallon of gasoline in the lifetime of the vehicle. I'm happy to have this additional wear and tear removed from my engine. Another thing I am trying to fix is so that the accessories will not automatically switch off after 20 minutes. The giant battery in the Tahoe could easily run the radio for 4 or 5 hours. I hate restarting the radio every 20 minutes when I'm at the drive-in. (America still has about 400 Drive-Ins).