1Yr in owning my Redwood AT4

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Mar 26, 2022
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Just realized that I past the 1yr mark with a delivery date of 4.11.2022 so I figured I'd share a bit of my experience(s) thus far (in no particular order):

2022 Redwood Metallic Yukon XL AT4 6.2

STILL love the Redwood Metallic color. Bought it sight unseen was was not disappointed. Love the way the color pops in the sun.
DO NOT care for the fact that it can not be tuned unless a $3k invoice to Trifecta is paid to unlock it. Nice to se that there is a whipple offered, so that might be in my future. As coming from tuned past vehicles its in my nature to not stay stock.
We have taken many out of state trips from FL to GA and have not had any issues with the ride/comfort level.
Love that the rear seats fold down to open up ALOT of extra space when needed. Perfect for when me and my son goto the BMX track with both of our bikes or I have to pickup some furniture items for my wifes side-gig.
Only issue thus far that I can think of is one time I used that remote start (like I have done since day 1) and upon pressing the engine button, it shut the AT4 off until I removed the negative cable for a few moments.
Wish it would stat in Sport and L9 mode by default
Still awaiting my retro fit items:
Heated steering wheel: was just informed via GMC chat that this retrofit item is now available for me, will be installed on my next oil change; VERY soon
Backup sensors
Steering wheel lock

All in all for such a heavy SUV with the 6.2...im "happy". Do I miss the power from the past vehicles in my signature...YEP. but if/when the time comes, Whipple is there for me.

Things that I have done thus far:
GMC performance pedals
S&B Cold Air Intake
Corsa Exhaust
Auto start delete
Tinted front driver/passenger windows to match the rest...should have come stock like this
Designed / 3d printed arm rest cell phone charger
Designed / 3d printed key fob holder
Designed / 3d printed rubberized knobs for Radio/temp/light/drive mode
Designed / Laser cut/etched fender insert plates
Vinyl cut Oracal material for front and read GMC emblems
Vinyl cut Oracal 3rd brake light to show AT4 when braking
Added a few white vinyl stickers to the rear glass to make it my own
Blacked out all other Yukon / AT4 emblems
Hard wired Valentine V1
Added front/rear cameras hardwired to fuse box
Lund / GMC Matte black window rain guards

Check signature for most of all the custom items I make and/or my YoutTube channel.....hit that like and subscribe button....get me PASSIVE income!!! :)

Whats next?
3" lift
Would like to get either matte black snowflake rims or something different when time comes to replace tires.
Every vehicle going back to late 90's ive always had a custom audio setup...so this is for certain on my list. Son wants me to build a 4 15" wall...but that is not practice for MY usage LOL.

Would I buy it again, yes. It checks all my/family boxes.
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Jan 19, 2022
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Of course I had to chime in on the conversation too, considering you and I have the only Redwood Metallic AT4's on any forum... (so far). I believe there's a guy here in L.A. on this forum that has a Redwood Metallic Escalade. We bumped into each other about 6 months ago in passing, and we both acknowledged each other on the forum. But I digress...

It's been a little over a year for me as well. And you're right, I wouldn't change a thing. The Redwood Metallic is so captivating in certain sunlight, that it begs the question: Who slept with the top brass at GM to get this color approved. It really is amazing, and I never get tired looking at it. This is coming from a guy where half the cars I've owned have been black. And like you, I bought mine sight unseen. I think I've mentioned my story a few times here, where I was literally a day or two from buying an overpriced Midnight Blue AT4 in central California. It did have the important options I wanted, but it also had some worthless options too - like the illuminated package. Then there was mine that was sitting on a lot down in Mississippi. It had most of my options but not the important ones like the technology package and adaptive air suspension. It did have the power roof and running boards, center console safe, sport pedals, sport exhaust, power folding rear seats, 6.2 engine, black badging, and a couple more options, but like you' I hadn't seen the color in person. Because I needed to make a decision soon, I had been tracking any available daylight pictures of the Redwood Metallic but couldn't find any. Then the day after I called the salesman back to buy the Midnight Blue AT4 (plus $15k over sticker), I saw a daytime photo of the Redwood Metallic. I immediately called the Mississippi dealership and told them I wanted to buy it. They asked for $3k over sticker, but even with the transport, it was still far cheaper than the blue one in California. So, the following day I sent them a deposit check. It took about two weeks between the paperwork and arrival time, but it was well worth it.

This is the actual photo I saw that changed my mind. I'm not sure where this particular vehicle was at the time, but as you can see, that color really lit up the sky. So far, I've been lucky enough not to get any dings or dents from inconsiderate people, but never say never.

Redwood 1.jpg
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