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16 NEW products + *Clearance* Sale + $88.50 HID KITS!

Discussion in 'The Grafx Shop' started by The Grafx Shop, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Feb 10, 2012
    16 NEW products + *Clearance* Sale + $88.50 HID KITS!

    Be sure to check out the latest new products each time you visit us
    or by clicking this link
    New Products
    From New LED lights to Waxing pads. thats right we got lots of new items!

    if you have ever looked on our site or bought from us you know our prices are either pretty good or fantastic. so when we put something on *Clearance* then we are pretty well giving it away. and the prices get lower till everythings gone! *Clearance*

    chances are you heard of our own brand HID KIT $115.00 hid kits with 2 year free replacement warranty where you can buy up to a 10 year warranty ... anyone thats bought these kits has been blown away at the brightness as well as how ruff they are. off-roaders love them!. mud boggers love them as they are 100% waterproof and mud proof! . perhaps the best canbus kit on the market
    found here : Elite Slim AC HID KITs (CANBUS) .

    as of this past week we are now selling $88.50 HID KIT! same great features such as water proof and anti shock and all that stuff youd figure any kit would have. a only its not canbus like the above and it offers only a 1 year warranty but still one of the best on the market hid kits. found here
    Slim AC HID KITs

    and dont forget that every $1 you spend earns you 10% back in rewards points cash you can use on future orders . HOLY CRAP!
    full details here! http://www.thegrafxshop.ca/rewards_program_a/254.htm

    its also worth saying we have put countless hours into updating and adding new info into our site help and FAQ's Section found here
    KB Results

    Thanks for reading. thanks for your support in 2013 and look forward to serving you in 2014 ! and keep and eye out on the new products section and clearance sections as there is a hell of a lot more to be added!

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