09 yukon multiple problems

Discussion in 'Hybrid General Discussion' started by canuc, Apr 8, 2018.

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    Apr 8, 2018
    hey guys i have some wild things going on with my 09 hybrid, issues starting last december when temp went down around minus 30 cel next morning started up no problem then fun began later with high reving engine sitting in gear stopped at light rpms up to 3000 and dropping to normal idle when touching accelerator then sudden lurching forward with jerking motion till u get to at least 20 km or so steady speed and decelerating same symptons almost sometimes locking up rear wheels, this only happens when auto stop is not on, when engine is running put on your seat belts and and prepare for a simulator ride like back to the future, been to the gm dealer 10 times since last december no codes of any kind, just replaced tps sensor on april 7 still have same problem, i read something about auxillary transmission pumps on the hybrid models, could this be an issue, i cant let anyone else drive this truck or they will be going through stop signs and intersections, any help would be appreciated or i ll be replacing every component till its brand new again, thanks!

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