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Nov 25, 2021
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Needing Help!
I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.3L V8
Ive owned it for 2 years after about a month of owning had a Cyl. 7 missfire, new plugs / wires, no fix, went down the entire rabbit hole and found a stuck valve, now i sit here today, absolutely stuck, still having a missfire (cyl 1 & 6), EVAP codes, And throwing a “No Communication” on every Control Module (ECM, TCM, BCM) everything i have done below
• New Plugs & Wires
• New Injectors
• New Coil Packs
• New Cyl. Heads (Reconditioned)
• New Lifters
• New Lifter Guides
• New Push Rods
• New Throttle Body
• New K&N Intake
• New Catalytic Converter
• New O2 Sensors
• New Terminals
• New Fuses & Relays
• Replaced Entire Engine Wire Harness
• New Cam & Crank sensor
• New MAF Sensor
• New Intake Manifold Gasket
• Cleaned,Replaced,and Added Ground Wires
A few pointers to help that i have found out,
• All mentioned items have been tested
• I own an Matco Scanner, Multi-meter, etc to run tests
• When putting Scanner into OBDII port dash goes wild, and truck drops RPMs and Bogs/ almost dies
• Truck will sometimes retract Check Engine Light when driving
• Not getting power to Fuel Pump Relay, having to jump it to run it
I am STUCK to say the least, bought a glossy turd if anyone can help, or have suggestions please let me know, ive been suggested by a few to replace the ECM, but i dont want to just throw money and pray i want results
Thank You!
I had a misfire on my 06 Tahoe after installing long tube headers removing my cats a down stream O2 sensors. Then I had my pcm re programmed I also relocated my knock sensors and I installed new plugs, wires, and injectors. Then I had this misfire I didn’t know were to start I went through everything. In the end after replacing a number of parts it ended up being a push pin on my injector. I’m not saying it’s your problem and I can’t explain how it happened on mine but it did and it drove me crazy. I found it looking at the live data on my scanner

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