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  1. Thrust

    Another bad GM transmission in my '19 Tahoe

    The ZL1 converter a decent option compared to Circle D and the others? I was looking at the Circle D 300mm and was trying to justify why it's so much more than the ZL1. Thoughts?
  2. Thrust

    New remote programming help

    I forgot they also came with keys.
  3. Thrust

    Front Suspension Improvements - anyone interested?

    What about reaching out to ridetech and their delrin bushings?
  4. Thrust

    2017 Tahoe engine swap, advice appreciated

    Wow! If you have the ability to pull the heads get them to a machine shop, you can have them rebuilt. Get yourself a good cam and do an AFM delete. You won't have near $6K into it. Do a search on here as there are several posts about people who have had the same issue and replaced the problem...
  5. Thrust

    2017 Tahoe engine swap, advice appreciated

    Does it just need new or rebuilt heads?
  6. Thrust

    Front End replacement 15 Yukon XL Denali

    Agreed. OP, look at the Mevotech TTX on Rock Auto as well.
  7. Thrust

    Identify a box? [Noisy air ride suspension compressor]

    That sounds like your air suspension pump. Do a search on youtube and see it that's what it looks/sounds like.
  8. Thrust

    2016 Yukon Denali - Died over weekend

    Sounds like a battery to me. Sometimes batteries do what you described. Work one minute, not enough juice the next to crank over the engine. Especially if you are unsure of the age. Did you look at the date on the battery? Not sure why you still couldn't jump it.
  9. Thrust

    If you won the lottery and you could have any truck, what would you choose?

    Since we are sticking to trucks maybe one of these.
  10. Thrust

    New remote programming help

    I was able to program another remote. 2015 Denali, push start with remote start. YouTube has many examples.
  11. Thrust

    GM/Brembo Performance brakes - thoughts + pics

    20" wheel with a 275/55/R20 tire will fit in the spare tire area. I now have one in place of the temporary 17" spare.
  12. Thrust

    What did you do to your 2015-2020 K2XX Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Added a 20" spare tire so it will work with the front Brembos. And yes a 275/55/R20 will fit in place of the 265/70/R17. You just have to make sure you move it so it doesn't catch on the heat shield on the way up.
  13. Thrust

    Transmission gone... does this rebuild estimate seem fair?

    What's your recommendation if say a 6.2L with a 2.3L Magnuson was attached to this 6l80e? Same parts or would you change anything? Thanks as I'm sure mine will need a rebuild in the not so distant future.
  14. Thrust

    AFM/DOD delete kit has arrived

    Sweet. What did they do to port the intake?
  15. Thrust

    Dorman VS ACDelco VS Duralast VS NAPA VS?????????

    Well, after replacing the voltage regulator and the battery still draining down, I took the car to a shop which promptly told me the voltage regulator was bad. So lucky for me I had a receipt from them showing what they had to replace. Help my case with OReillys in getting the part refunded.
  16. Thrust

    Dorman VS ACDelco VS Duralast VS NAPA VS?????????

    I had a voltage regulator from O'Reillys that failed after install. They about wouldn't give me my money back because it was an electrical part. Didn't shop at O'Reilly for a long time after that.
  17. Thrust

    2018 Denali/Lifter failures and much more

    How many miles do you have on it currently?
  18. Thrust

    Front Radar Location

    Good info in this thread:
  19. Thrust

    AC Delco or Moog front end rebuild kit for 2013 Yukon

    That's what I am going with on my 2015. The Mevotech TTX versions. They also have a warranty with them. I noticed the A1Auto's TRQ parts have a warranty as well.
  20. Thrust

    Are Yukon condensors an issue?

    That's like asking if a bear poops in the woods. GM sent out letters to owners saying they would cover condensers on certain vehicles that were identified to have been installed with the faulty units, up to a certain number of years or mileage. Of course mine tanked after that period. You can...
  21. Thrust

    2015 Denali/Rear hatch and heated seats

    Do a forum search on the hatch as others have had this issue too. On the seats make sure the fuse is good. How many miles are on your Yukon? Is it both seats or just the drivers?
  22. Thrust

    Transmission service, changing bypass thermal valve, part numbers?

    I flipped the pil on mine and it runs below 150F.
  23. Thrust

    Radio clock and seat memory keeps reseting

    Have you checked for a loose or corroded ground?
  24. Thrust

    Is it possible to swap a 5.3L/6L80 for a 6.2L/10L80?

    Maybe if you swapped wiring harnesses with it and got the computer it should be possible. Transmission brace too? I haven't heard of anyone on this forum doing it.
  25. Thrust

    Whipple Gen V install on my 2018 Tahoe, Finally!

    Nice, and good job. Whose your gauge pod mount from?

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