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  1. Big Mama

    Creaking /Popping Noise

    Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Do you hear this when going over bumps or potholes? Go ahead and Jack up that side and wiggle left right and up down on the tires and have a look underneath. Try a pry bar to move the steering and suspension parts around. Hopefully it shows itself easily.
  2. Big Mama

    Noise When Towing

    Welcome to the forum from Virginia. A few questions. Did you hear this going up/down hill or both? On flat areas? Use tow/haul mode? Any noise when not towing? Did engine temp get high? Any DTC lights? Any brake issues?
  3. Big Mama

    2002 Yukon Denali - Arnott Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kits?

    I switched my GMT 900 to Arnott a while back and could kick myself in the stones if it were possible. Others may chime in with better results. My factory shocks lasted 13 years so why I decided to go cheap is beyond me.
  4. Big Mama

    Clear Coat Peeling? What Can I Do? PLEASE HELP

    @Mean_Green posted some pictures and details of what he’s done. It look’s really good.
  5. Big Mama

    rear wiper

    You’re on the right track. You can always check to see if you are getting power to the plug.
  6. Big Mama

    rear wiper

    Could be there or where the wiring goes into the top of the body. That area is known for chaffed wires.
  7. Big Mama

    z55 autoride delete REMOVAL & return to stock… help

    Joseph returned his to stock so he’s a good source. If you don’t have any service suspension lights there’s probably a bypass resistor installed. It’ll connect to the factory wiring on top of your strut tower. Same for the rears.
  8. Big Mama

    Looking to delete the side body moldings

  9. Big Mama

    Electrical/HVAC Issues 2016 Yukon - HELP

    Start with the ground connections. Even if they look good peel back some of the coating and look for corrosion. Cleaning the ground areas is good for them anyway. Once done check your battery and alternator. Usually comes back to the simple things.
  10. Big Mama

    Right side windows not working

    Take a rear window switch from left and see if it works on those windows. If so, a new switch is in order. If one goes bad others will follow.
  11. Big Mama

    Rear windows only operate at drivers controls

    That’s usually the fix. Take the switch from the passenger front window and test the rear with it to confirm.
  12. Big Mama

    Clearcoat touchup.

    Keep ‘em coming
  13. Big Mama

    Rocky Mountain Tires?

    Any reason you didn’t keep the Rocky Mountain tires? Just wondering.
  14. Big Mama

    01 Tahoe 2nd row seats won't fold down

    Why not just remove it altogether?
  15. Big Mama

    Clearcoat touchup.

    Awesome. Please keep the tips and pics coming. I’ve got a spot near my roof rack that needs it.
  16. Big Mama

    Odd question... Navigation Radios

    @915_Tahoe is the part number guru. He may know the answer and the rpo code. Off hand I’d think any rig with nav had Bose but who knows. There are all kinds of unicorns out there.
  17. Big Mama

    Useless Information

    I’ve seen some videos where mobile paint guys can take care of the cracked paint areas
  18. Big Mama


    Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Nice rig. I’m no help on this one. Someone better versed than me will jump in to help out.
  19. Big Mama

    2011 Tahoe DVD Rear Screen

    Does dimming the front screen do anything?
  20. Big Mama

    Back driver door window and open close switch

    Have you checked the wires along the driver’s door sill plate? I had some issues in that area a while back.
  21. Big Mama

    Delete post please

    Delete post please
  22. Big Mama

    Spindle straightness?

    Are the measurements the same on the old and new arm? Can you compare it to the other side?
  23. Big Mama

    Useless Information

  24. Big Mama

    What to Buy? Tahoe vs Yukon Denali

    Yes AWD is all the time. No high or low thus your mileage will suffer. Do you need 4WD? Denali generally has most every option available including leather which may or may not be good for your dogs. Not all Denali came with a 6.0 but most did. I believe the suspension on the Denali is different...
  25. Big Mama

    Heat not coming on with remote start

    Do your heated seat come on with remote start?

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