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    Quick Question about Battery

    I don't think they draw that much, but you could just pull it out slightly when done and not worry about it. I have the same thing in my 2008 and only power it when I can't find anything I like on XM. The keyed on/off is a nice idea, but personally I hate that on my 2017. It's nice to have...
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    Transmission Temp question on 2016

    From what my friend says, who is a master GM tech for 40 years, the torque converters on the 8 speed are quite robust and not prone to temp issues like the 6 speed. And, the new HVLP fluid helps the situation. Just be good about service every 40 to 50k depending on driving/trailering
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    Best option for my transmission?

    1. If you are DIY, then boneyard for cheapest option. 2. Find a local shop that does good teans work and price a rebuild. 3. Put in a CERTA trans with a 3 yr/100k warranty if you plan on keeping the truck for awhile
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    NJ Salvage Yards

    You'd be better off on marketplace or CL
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    What models have AWD ? Tahoe / Yukon / Escalade

    The 2007 to 14 models only came in AWD in the escalade or denali trim line. Tahoes and base yukons had selectable 4wd with an auto function. But as @Doubeleive stated, 2wd was an option for some years in both models i believe. Make sure to check the caefax or simil to make sure the VIN...
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    New happy owner of 2023 Yukon Denali Duramax

    Good to hear that normal dealers still exist. I can't stand the conglomerates.....they just run people over for any sort of profit. Nice rig. What was your mpg on a long trip like that?
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    Rattle wind noise from A-pillar glove box area?

    Just a joke.....ish. some had welds that leaked above the windshield. I would look at the grill that lays down below the windshield by the wipers. Maybe the wiper blades themselves. Or, possibly the cabin air filter cover. If it sounds like the area you described, does the noise only...
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    Rattle wind noise from A-pillar glove box area?

    Probably another area where spot welds aren't made correctly, then covered up. LOL
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    Rear U joint replacement

    If you see clips, then that's the way in/out. I'm not sure when the epoxy thing ended, but if memory serves me right almost all the new stuff with aluminum shafts have clips. If you have a good vice, you can let it hold the yoke loosely (more like a contained rest of sorts). Use a pic to clean...
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    Noise When Towing

    I forgot to mention that the overfilled expansion caused the pump to cavitate and create air pockets which then caused the pump to whine.
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    Noise When Towing

    Check your power steering fluid. Had a similar issue on my 2008 after it got hot climbing mountains in CO. I found that a little overfilled equals WAY overfilled when it gets to 200F. I had to siphon it out on the side of a mountain and let it cool with the engine running. Quiet as a mouse...
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    So i bought a yukon

    That's a nice looking rig! I love that body style. Looks super clean, I'm assuming a salt free area? If so, then you have a good platform to give you many more years of service...........ans YOU can actually still work on it. The older it get and having to deal with stealerships on my newer...
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    Water In The Gas Tank?

    Been there. Had a 2003 yukon that the low fuel light came on just below 1/4 tank. About 2 miles later I coasted as far as I could, then luckily had a coworker close by that gave me a lift for gas. I now rarely go below 1/4 tank. (My wife seems to have luck in doing so, to my dismay). I did...
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    Transmission fluid anecdotal experience

    Sweet ass experiment! I love it and thank you for the honest feedback. How did you exchange the fluid with the cut hoses? Info on those deets would be interesting as well.
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    Help- lights- stabilitytrak, stability control, abs

    Your thinking isn't wrong. A good tech would've had an ear or feal for it. Unfortunately, the days of good techs aren't what they used to be. A test drive should've told them so. They probably just looked at the work order and did the easiest fix to make money. FLAT RATE doesn't ever give the...
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    Help - tamborine noise at deceleration

    Have you tried locking it in M1 and see if the noise repeats. Basically speed up to 20 mph and them coast. Then try 2, 3, 4 and see how that works. I wonder if the trans fluid is a little low and you're hearing cavitation
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    Help- lights- stabilitytrak, stability control, abs

    That is definitely shot! They were correct in their assessment. Also, your ABS stuff was caused by the tone ring either contacting the sensor, or moving out of range. By the looks of it, it was hungry and ate the sensor for lunch. As for the axles being bad, that's hard to say. If the hub...
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    Oil consumption between changes

    I believe that it, as most posts here reiterate, that skimping on oil changes does nothing but create potential issues down the road. Whether it be lifters, oil pump issues, timing chains, etc. Oil and filters are CHEAP longevity enhancing items. Interesting case: my sister has a newer...
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    Oil consumption between changes

    The new HD pickups with the 6.6L don't have any active fuel management system, but they share the same engine architecture as the LT 6.2L from what I understand. All V8 all the time......the way it should be in my book. The previous LS 6.2 and LT 6.2 are different animals in many ways. The LS...
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    Weird Flickering lights

    Had the same issue 2008 Denali, 142k. Lights flickered ever so slightly. All connections clean and tight, battery new. New replacement 160 watt alternator from carquest solved the issue. You might have a bad rectifier or brushes that make better contact once things expand with heat. If the...
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    Oil consumption between changes

    I think the amsoil might be TOO slippery, if that's possible, and get past the rings. Just speculation. But, I can say, just using regular 5w-30 synthetic oil for 90k miles on my 2017 6.2L doesn't use a drop in anywhere from 4500 to 6k when I change it. Also, 0w-20 is recommended to help...
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    Buying out of State - Lemon Squad

    Interesting thread with both sides of the each their own on the inspection. I agree with extra pics and if you know what you are looking for, good pics usually tell the truth. Short of a test drive and cold start which can be key indicators. Living near Indiana, I would think twice...
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    01 Tahoe 5.3 tick then goes away

    I'm not sure on that one. If it has good oil pressure, then maybe not needed. There are tons of those motors of that age with 400k on them. I'm pretty sure most don't have new oil pumps. I've never replaced and oil pump on any vehicle......ever. Lots of them well into the several hundred K...
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    Rattle noise after trans service - only when cold-ish and under light throttle.....hmmm

    Updated: Took it back to the dealership and they found it 1 quart low. They pulled the pan and inspected I guess and said there was no damage. Here's to hoping all is well for the future. They wouldn't do anything in writing but said if something comes up in the future they will work with me...
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    01 Tahoe 5.3 tick then goes away

    A thing about lifter ticking......I had that happen in the past on my 2007 Denali and it was related to the oil pump o-ring and the valley plate o-rings. Not sure what year yours is. Also, my 2019 F250 work truck with the 6.2L also has a lifter tick occasionally after a start up. Goes away in...

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