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    Windshield Wiper Judder after new glass

    I wonder if the wiper arms are not quite aligned with the new windshield. Does it do it in both swipe directions, or justone direction? Does it happen during dain, or when using washer fluid?
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    Ordered a 2023 GMC Yukon

    Dont feel bad yet. Some folks waited nearly a year to get their vehicle after they ordered them in the 22MY rigs. Many sat for months at the storage area waiting on chips.
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    Software Update

    Ive not had any issue with remote start and i used it daily from nov thru mid april. Usually 2 or 3 times a day.
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    Illumination under the radiator grille

    Thats a good idea too. Russian laws are a bit different than us laws.
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    Seatbelt chime

    No. Just don't drive over 13 mph and it wont chime at you. It will give notification on dash still but chime doesnt kick in til 14mph. I take off my seatbelt once i get to work and in the parking lot so thats how i know when the chimes start in at.
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    Those with 2023 orders and updates.

    It likely depends on what options you added and making a few together to make production better. When mine was built, i had a build datein early August, but a week later i was given a new tpw that was 6 weeks later than before. I still assume it was due to our ride having ench seating in all 3...
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    Front screen operational in raised position

    Ahh ok. I was confused. Then again, that is pretty easy to do.
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    Front screen operational in raised position

    What do you mean raised position? The 2 screens i have in my tahoe are both in the d fixed position. Vehicles with the RSE they are also in a basically fixed position. Not sure which screen you are referring to.
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    Lemon Law Michigan

    I enjoy his videos he puts out.
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    Built and ordered a 2023 Yukon

    Strange your dealer forgot the captains chairs. When i ordered my tahoe, i sat with the salesperson as he filled out the order sheet, and before he submitted it, he printed out the sheet and had us double check it to make sure it was done right. There was only 1 thing he missed but we caught...
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    Those with 2023 orders and updates.

    You may want to try a different dealer if they have 30 orders and aret getting allocations.
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    Injector issues?

    My 23 i bought last october has had zero issues. I love it. If your concerned about it talk with dealer and go from there. Injectors seems like it was a bad batch, but it could also have been a bad module as well. Either way they have all gone bad under warranty so there is that.
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    21+ Tahoe LED Tail Lights

    The stock ones look cheap on the back end and have very little light output. Led was the way to go to increase output of the lights. Brighter they are better to be seen by other drivers. At least for me. Also its dark when i leave home so brighter reverse bulbs makes it easier to see when...
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    Illumination under the radiator grille

    Yes, what i was thinking. Not sure how hard it would be to actually do that though.
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    Illumination under the radiator grille

    If you went the neon tape, i would go around the entire grille. I think it would tie in with the DRL lights really well that way. Just my opinion.
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    Illumination under the radiator grille

    That 2nd set of pictures looks nice too. Matches the drl light coloring pretty close too
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    Illumination under the radiator grille

    You may want to try having the led strip go around the edges of the grill and glowing back towards the radiator to give it a glow without showing the led strip itself. I think it would look nice. Just my thoughts
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    2023 Yukon XL SLT random vibrate at idle

    It isnt anything i am concerned about as some vehicles have a lower idle speed than others so unless it starts stalling when its idling like that i will leave it be.
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    Having major trouble with a dealer. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    Then why have them? They are to be the middle man and keep customers informed. Obviously the tech isnt putting notes in his work so hes not documenting properly either. At my work i am required to document all my work and put notes as to what things i had to do to diagnose and repair the...
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    2023 Yukon XL SLT random vibrate at idle

    What is the engine rpms when this happens? I know mine has a shudder when sitting parked now and again. When it happens the tach shows rpms are down aroun 500 and when smooths out it bumps up a bit to closer to 525.
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    Has anyone experienced this engine noise '21 or '22?

    No its the 5.3. i think the process for the flapper mod is the same, the flapper may be in different locations on engine size exhaust setup.
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    Has anyone experienced this engine noise '21 or '22?

    The flapper nouse can be taken care of if you dont mind getting under your ride for a few minutes. Do a youtube search flapper disable. There are different ways to block it open so you can find something in your wheelhouse. I did it to mine within a couple days of oicking it up. I dont have...
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    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    Im not sure there will be any front quarter panel left if those monsters go on. They look sweet, but man, im not sure id want to hack away at much more of the fender\quarter panel. Its already fairly close. Dont forget running board likely will need cut too. Might have to go up with your...
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    Would you wait for the 2024?

    If thats close, it looks butt ugly to me.
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    2023 Tahoe/Squealing at low speeds

    Take it to a different dealer if its getting worse. There is something going on there.

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