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    Chip Retrofit Lawsuit?

    April for the same
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    GMC weather mat color

    Watch the weathertech scarring sills
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    Illuminated Grille Emblem and Puddle Light Install Step by Step

    Got puddle lights installed today. The gmc on the ground is huge
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    AT4 tow hooks on SLT!

    Did you ever do anything?
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    Side markers filling with dirt?

    Just swapped mine out and saw some under mine too.
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    New Fog Light Observation!

    Just had this same conversation with the wife this week
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    Adding badges, yes/no?

    Heat, fishing line/floss and rubbing alcohol
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    Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    I have the package without button but with future retrofit for my 22. So not sure that just because you don’t have the button you don’t have. Check sticker.
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    Auto folding mirror settings

    Try unlocking, then locking doors with keyfob and double click and see if they fold. It is like the car doesn’t think it is locked. I walk up and press the button to unlock and it locks again. Weird
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    Question about the Headlights

    No dealer did
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    Question about the Headlights

    I have Yukon and part ending in 621 is what fixed my issue.
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    Question about the Headlights

    Sensor is bad. Needs to be replaced. You are correct on what it is supposed to look like.
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    Question about the Headlights

    $12 light sensor on dash bad, replaced and lights now work correctly
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    New Premier!!

    Same % as front windows or darker?
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    Auto folding mirror settings

    My 2022 Yukon xl slt will not fold with remote. Sometimes they fold after exit sometimes they don’t. Really weird.
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    Question about the Headlights

    22 Yukon slt built in March also having issues with headlights on in bright sun. And speed limit sign. Anyone else having issues with mirrors not folding sometimes ? My remote will not fold them either.

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