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  1. CMoore711

    2023 Yukon Denali Ultimate mystery codes

    Wow... Sorry to hear about your experience OP. GMC's flagship SUV at $120K and still experiencing lifter failure; This is disappointing to see...
  2. CMoore711

    What HID or LED bulbs to match DRL Yukon Denali

    For anyone interested in some OSRAM or Philips OEM HID bulbs Lightwerkz is running 15% for Memorial Day.
  3. CMoore711

    2020 6.2 tuning options

    There are plenty of options. Really depends on how much you're willing to commit to the cause. If this is all you're looking to do then the simple easy plug & play reversable option for you would be the Range AFM Disabler device. Model# RA003 works for the 2020 GM 6.2 SUV platform. $250 +/-...
  4. CMoore711

    Front End replacement 15 Yukon XL Denali

    I second the Mevotech TTX front UCA and LCA on Rock Auto. They're very nice OEM replacement control arms; Forged aluminum. These are the front UCA and LCA control arms I put on my '15 Yukon XL Denali. Installed great, ride and perform great, perhaps even better than OEMs. Amongst the things...
  5. CMoore711

    Does the Denali have the lights in the power running boards?

    @SpyShops212 If you’re referring to the LED light strip built into the step then the answer is yes.
  6. CMoore711

    305/45r22 Tires on 2023 Yukon Denali?

    Fitting a 305/45R22 on your rig is probably doable. Dimensionally it's not THAT much larger; It's wider, but it's actually a tad smaller diameter which will create more clearance between the front and rear of the wheel well. The link posted above in post #3; That set up experiences a lot more...
  7. CMoore711

    Having major trouble with a dealer. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    I would absolutely go get a loaner. And if they said they didn’t have any, I’d pick the closest thing to your rig on their used lot and tell them you’ll take the keys for that until they want to fix your vehicle. I’d also be contacting GM Customer Care ASAP and get them and their regional...
  8. CMoore711

    Transmission gone... does this rebuild estimate seem fair?

    That price seems within range… Does this include a new torque converter? The clutch discs and steels are the highest wear items in the transmission. A lot of transmission rebuild shops will use either different thickness clutch discs/steels and/or different tolerances in order to allow them...
  9. CMoore711

    AFM/DOD delete kit has arrived

    Definitely interested in seeing some of the before and after dyno results! Sure you can do an AFM/DFM delete with an OE non AFM cam; But what fun would that be? If you've got to swap the cam anyway why not go for some extra usable HP/TQ.
  10. CMoore711

    Whipple Gen V install on my 2018 Tahoe, Finally!

    @J5races What model year vehicle do you have? 5.3 or 6.2? Did you install any other mods? Headers/Exhaust? AFM/DFM delete? What did you use for a tune?
  11. CMoore711

    2019 Suburban mid travel

    @RB_Trucker Those end links look killer! Can you post a link to those? Are you running these with the stock sway bar?
  12. CMoore711

    Seat Moves while driving

    This would be my guess also. It's really not too bad of a process to access the seat switch and check the connections. Even if you have to remove the driver's seat it's not terrible. This video here is a little different since the seats here aren't power; That being said I use this video...
  13. CMoore711

    How do you guys like the 15-20's?

    This is a good analogy description of the 2015-2020 K2XX SUV's compared to the 2021+ T1XX.
  14. CMoore711

    Getting back into a full size SUV.

    If you're ok getting a rig with 100K+ miles I would still be looking in the 2018-2020 range. This is in the later model year run of the K2XX SUV Platform; Which means more of the "new" model change bugs are worked out. In the Denali trim this MY range gets you the 10 speed transmission which is...
  15. CMoore711

    V Escalade

    @soulsea Thanks for sharing the additional information and feedback that lead you to your decision. Really unfortunate to hear based on the vehicle hype and price tag that GM/Cadillac has placed on it.
  16. CMoore711

    V Escalade

    Yeah wtf. Share some details man. Why'd you sell it back?
  17. CMoore711

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    @Fast_AT4 I feel like “around $1K” to install a supercharger at a dealership is a very reasonable price.
  18. CMoore711

    Headlights look dim on a new Yukon Denali

    I can confidently say that the LED headlights on my wife's 2019 Escalade ESV are brighter than the 2021+ Yukon LED headlights. Maybe that was intentional? Haven't had any experience with the 2021+ Escalade headlights to know if they are much brighter than the 2021+ Yukon.
  19. CMoore711

    2016 Tahoe drl / nighttime headlight behavior

    If your vehicle is running and you are in park, just use the headlight switch to manually turn them off. Then they turn off. Am I missing something?
  20. CMoore711

    Headlights look dim on a new Yukon Denali

    I drove a ‘21 Yukon XL SLT for over 2 months and I too thought the headlights were lacking a bit. They were somewhat acceptable, but the output surely didn’t wow me. I have experienced brighter headlights from other lower priced vehicles. Any aftermarket option would have to be an entire...
  21. CMoore711

    1999-2018 GM 1500 Series Wilwood TX6R 6-Piston 16" BBK #140-13876-R "Partial Kit" w/ New & Used Parts

    @hardluck13 it was September 2022. I had emailed you and DM’d you letting you know the items were still available. I never heard anything back at that time. Maybe there was some sort of disconnect? The items listed in the for sale thread are still available.
  22. CMoore711

    New to the chevy world, 15 burban ltz, bad struts.

    This is exactly what you need to do if you’re not planning to do the work and install yourself. Buy OEM parts off rockauto (best price on OEM magnaride shocks/struts I’ve found). And find a local shop that will remove and reinstall shocks/struts if you supply your own parts. There is actually...
  23. CMoore711

    "Hot" Side Unboxing - Twin Turbo Install

    Not sure @sealandsky . I don’t have the 10 speed. I was inquiring about how the unlocking process worked, tuning, and feedback on the process and results. As I was previously under the impression that the 10 speed TCM’s were all locked even on the 18-20 MY.
  24. CMoore711

    I hit a Deer on the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

    Damn $18K wow. If you plan on keeping it for a long time you should highly consider throwing some PPF on all that new paint!

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