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    NOS GM 23179659 Escalade Center Mount Sonar Bracket (Tow Hook Relocation)

    NOS GM Escalade Center Mount Sonar Bracket 23179659 RPO - Y66 $22 Shipped anywhere in the CONUS (I take Paypal) Mounts here: File picture to show how its mounted on a 2020 Escalade so the idea was to remove the radar from the towhook location and remount it in the Escalade position...
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    **SOLD** GM 12477414 Latch, Rear Seat Back Cushion (Filler) *Pewter 2000-2006

    NOS 12477414 GM Seat Latch in the package (Gray/Pewter) Bought two for the Mrs Burban to have a spare. $20 shipped anywhere in the CONUS (I do take paypal) - PM me
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    Oil catch can

    I've wondered about these too. Both of my SUVs are over 100K now.
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    Thoughts on cheap oil?

    The 99 is just about to turn over 300K - Been a great cheap car for her. Was just concerned with starting oil consumption if I went to synth.
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    Thoughts on cheap oil?

    Another interesting thread...Always wondered about Walmart oil and when I couldn't find conventional oil for my Daughters 99 & 00 Camry's I just bought two jugs of the Full Synthetic for their next changes.
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    Specific question regarding oil

    Another interesting thread - I've done the ATF in older 350 v8s but never heard of anyone doing it newer engines.
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    Motor Oil Brand vs Consumption?

    Interesting thread. I've used Valvoline 5W30 conventional oil in all my vehicles for years until the 2013 Tahoe and 2017 Yukon purchases, then started using Quakerstate Full Synthetic in the Tahoe and I'm on my first oil change in the Yukon right now with Mobile 1 Full Synthetic. I went to...
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    What would you do?

    2 posts? - did you get the reaction you were looking for or can you tell the back story now?
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    Ok so i have a huge dilemma......i need opinions from everyone!

    I would have suggested he go ask the local DMV the question and see what their response would be...many ways to obtain a lost title, abandoned vehicle and the seller should be looking into this or its an illegal sale to begin with if he does not legally own it too. I see so many cars for sale on...
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    Adding DL3 power folding mirrors

    I was able to complete the DL8 to DL3 upgrade on my 2017 Yukon SLE entirely plug n play:
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    New to the forum and being a Yukon Owner

    Welcome and I'm sure you enjoy the 03 XL. If you are in a state thats uses salt in the winter do a good examination of the steel brake and fuel lines. I live in IL and did have to replace mine. Keep the underside washed in the winter to prolong the frame, rockers and other panels from...
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    Found My Way Back

    Welcome back from iL...
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    What goes here?

    Everything I've seen is factory brake controls can not be added if it did not come with the option.
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    Mirror switch removal

    If you find you need a switch I have a new in the box 23488411 Switch for DL3 power fold and a good used 23154700 pwr 4way but manual fold switch for DL8. Also have a complete NOS switch assembly with the window switches and mirror switch.
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    Mirror switch removal

    I just did the Escalade Mirror Upgrade on mine, The whole switch assembly has a push in clip at the top and end, you should be able to pry it straight up to remove.
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    RST Black Trim

    Great write up and something I would like to do too.
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    I saw my twin today

    Its always neat seeing an exact twin of our rigs.
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    GMC’s run in the family…

    Great post! I started with a 79 Jimmy just out of HS, Bought a 91 GMC Jimmy after my first Daughter was born, later an 98 Yukon and now a 17 Yukon. There have been Chevy versions between me and the Mrs along the was as well.
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    Towing a trailer with automatic leveling system

    My Wifes 2013 Tahoe and my 2017 Yukon compressors both seem to be running quite a bit, I'll have to inspect these. I too, tow with both but do not have the equalizer. Be interesting to see how these work.
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    So long everyone.

    Congrats on selling and on the new purchase
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    Part name for clip on back of second row seat

    stouchton - **SOLD** Have never heard back from the OP after nearly 3 weeks so let me know if you still want it.
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    Rock Auto Discount Codes - Post 'em Here for Others to Use

    229484713137247262 expires on May 19, 2023
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    New to the forum - ready to buy!

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    Just to say Hello and Thanks for some of the replys here.

    Cool pics, Welcome from Illinois!
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    New here, not really new

    Welcome from Illinois!

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