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  1. WalleyeMikeIII

    GM can’t build hight county

    I'd say, if you have 2 "confirmed" order numbers, I would call the Chevrolet Assistance Center, calmly explain your situation, note that you tried to addres it w/ your dealer, but have not gotten straight answers. Ask them for help, saying you are trying to buy a vehicle, and are getting...
  2. WalleyeMikeIII

    Hands Free Liftgate logo is blurred/distorted

    Would have thought they were sealed at the factory, my gut says it’s a defect.
  3. WalleyeMikeIII

    Seatbelt chime

    Yea, there is: 1) sit in the driver’s seat 2) reach over your left shoulder and grab the seatbelt buckle 3) pull seatbelt across your body from left to right 4) insert the tab on the seatbelt into the buckle by your right hip
  4. WalleyeMikeIII

    Wireless charging?

    There is a bulletin and a software update for this issue. Ask your dealer
  5. WalleyeMikeIII

    Adding 12v to back end of 23 Yukon Denali

    Did you run the wire in wire loom all the way back, or do you just have a 12V wire w/ only insulation laying inside the frame?
  6. WalleyeMikeIII

    2023 Tahoe/Vibration in the 30 mph range?

    My driving style mimics yours.
  7. WalleyeMikeIII

    Built and ordered a 2023 Yukon

    Depends on dealer. I ordered mine, with everything specified exactly how I wanted in November 2021. I had it by Valentine’s Day 2022, exactly how I ordered it.
  8. WalleyeMikeIII

    2023 Yukon Denali - Satellite Performance

    Known Software issue....see here -->
  9. WalleyeMikeIII

    GM can’t build hight county

    Your issue is not really w/ GM, it is with your dealer...they apparently do not have an allocation for a HC w/ no constraints on the options you are looking to get. I assure you that GM has built MANY Tahoe HC's since you have should familiarize yourself w/ GM's dealer...
  10. WalleyeMikeIII

    2022 Tahoe RST - Radio Update & Sirius Favorites Are Now Unavailable

    Seems odd to me if you are experiencing some of the symptoms that Y167 fixed, that they wouldn’t put that version on for you
  11. WalleyeMikeIII

    2022 Tahoe RST - Radio Update & Sirius Favorites Are Now Unavailable

    Might want to share that bulletin w/ the dealer...
  12. WalleyeMikeIII

    Oil consumption between changes

    Good grief, where can you drive sustained at those speeds? Honestly, at those speeds continuous, kind of wondering if 0W-20 is the right oil?
  13. WalleyeMikeIII

    2022 Tahoe RST - Radio Update & Sirius Favorites Are Now Unavailable

    Which version of the software are you now on? Go to Settings --> System --> About --> Build Number to get the version number, then take a pic and post that here? See this doc, pg 21, to see an example Y167 is supposed to fix some of...
  14. WalleyeMikeIII

    Oil consumption between changes

    Could be DFM related in your case. Long drives on highway is where DFM kicks in most, as it doesn’t take much engine power to keep you moving down the road at high speed…your engine in this case probably not operating at high speed…likely 1300-1600 rpm…
  15. WalleyeMikeIII

    Hands Free Liftgate logo is blurred/distorted

    Mine is doing same thing, going in in a week for it. Guessing will be a replace! GM should put more care in stuff like this; that is their BRAND....nice touch on the car, but lame if it fades away. You make a good point though, I should photograph it, as it only comes on in the dark.
  16. WalleyeMikeIII

    Oil consumption between changes

    I'm at 14.9k miles on my 2022 6.2. Changed oil at 3600, 7500, 11,700 miles. Each time, there has been no noticeable consumption. Running GM Dexos from the dealer... Why did I change so frequently? Well, my dealer gave 2 oil changes included w/ the purchase, but had to be in first 12 months. GMC...
  17. WalleyeMikeIII

    2023 Tahoe - Bad Injectors - 4900 Miles

    Well, sounds like they have a pretty good suspicion, if they are waiting on parts...they have an idea of what they want to replace.
  18. WalleyeMikeIII

    Engine Opinions

    Honestly, if you are doing any towing/hauling, I'd get the 6.2; I actually think the fuel economy towing is better w/ the 6.2 than the 5.3 (assuming you are north of towing 3500lbs). Its a much better driving experience w/ the 6.2. And, I even think Highway the MPG's may be equivalent or even...
  19. WalleyeMikeIII

    Map upgrade worth it?

    2022 and Newer run Google Maps native...which is awesome! People complain about having to pay data...but reality is a years worth of data is about equal in cost to a map update, and you get more than maps w/ it...
  20. WalleyeMikeIII

    Escalade EV announced

    Honda not very EV either....although they have a goal to be 100% "electrified;" they seem to be going Hybrid, mostly, to accomplish this (full disclosure, our other family vehicle is a CR-V Hybrid)
  21. WalleyeMikeIII

    Escalade EV announced

    This could be a good vehicle for the folks that use their Escalade as a high end gricery getter, only haul people, and do mostly in town driving. Probably a good chunk of Esky drivers. I have my Yukon to do truck like stuff: tow my boat, move people, move cargo (kids back and forth to...
  22. WalleyeMikeIII

    22 Yukon AT4 Slack on acceleration

    Could the hill start assist…automatically holds the brakes till you accelerate, so the vehicle doesn’t roll (back or forward, depending on direction or hill and gear you are in).
  23. WalleyeMikeIII

    2023 Yukon Denali 6.2L Idle Vibration - Normal?

    My 6.2 had a little idle stumble when I first got it. I attributed it to potential condensation in the fuel tank since it was shipped from Texas to Minnesota in n February with about 5 gal of gas in it. After about 600 miles (two tanks) I never noticed it again. I’m at 15k now. Either I’m...
  24. WalleyeMikeIII

    Map upgrade worth it?

    Yes, just set a destination in Apple Maps, while connected to Carplay, and the turn by turn directions are in the HUD and available on navagaiton on the instrument cluster. You do need to be on the "HUD" screen that shows the compass/navigation info...then the compass is replaced by Turn By...
  25. WalleyeMikeIII

    Map upgrade worth it?

    It’s always worked on mine. It is a 2022 w/ the Google based system though. Maybe that’s the difference.

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