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  1. RST Dana

    Dim Low Beams 2016 Tahoe

    When I offer advice about ddl for K2xx, I will say “except if have a ride from Russia”, because they are different.
  2. RST Dana

    Dim Low Beams 2016 Tahoe

    I’ll remember that as a disclaimer to my post next time.
  3. RST Dana

    Dim Low Beams 2016 Tahoe

    2016 uses the low beam as ddl, not the strip unless you have purchased an plug converter from cmatt.
  4. RST Dana

    Identify a box? [Noisy air ride suspension compressor]

    If you have a bad shock, it will run more than normal and might result in your compressor going belly up as well. Pull the fuse and drive on until you have time to replace the bad shock or shocks. The compressor air is not helping now anyways.
  5. RST Dana

    Identify a box? [Noisy air ride suspension compressor]

    Pop out the relay until you get the shock or shocks replaced. It is in the fuse box under the hood.
  6. RST Dana

    First thoughts on the 2023 Escalade.

    Pedal commander can wake up the feel of the accelerator pedal. Multiple settings. I love it on my RST 6.2
  7. RST Dana

    Cell Phone Dash Mount

    I believe this one was from pro clip. Mag safe charging wired with coiled cord so it can move up and down with the display head unit
  8. RST Dana

    How do thieves circumvent the passlock theft deterrent?

    Insurance can replace most of your investment. It hardly ever covers the labor hours we spend on making these rigs “ours”. Unless you have a perimeter system to announce an invasion, your custom theft protection efforts are may only be giving you the feel good vibes. Bad guys need access to...
  9. RST Dana

    What did you do to your 2015-2020 K2XX Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    What year is your ride?
  10. RST Dana

    2016 Tahoe Factory Transmission Cooling Method?

    It was the same way in my 16. I’m doubting the guy knew his stuff.
  11. RST Dana

    Escalade mirror? Anyone got any?

    If you get new factory covers, you will pay a premium unless you snag a deal, but then they may not be truly gm. You be better off getting the bigger set for nearly the same money off of eBay.
  12. RST Dana

    Escalade mirror? Anyone got any?

    Look up K2xx Esky mirror photos. Much bigger glass surface area.
  13. RST Dana

    Escalade mirror? Anyone got any?

  14. RST Dana

    Power folding Mirror Code?

    I have a take off set since I use Esky mirrors. I would sell both or one. Black. Let me know if you are interested.
  15. RST Dana

    Power folding Mirror Code?

    So if you are going to replace it, no worries. It is not hard, but there is a chance you could break clips. YouTube is your friend for this procedure.
  16. RST Dana

    Noisy interior

    Eliminate the noise or the friends?
  17. RST Dana

    Rear Air Shocks Possibly Leaking

    Had a 16 with a bad air shock. Rockauto was the ticket. Less than hour price and swapped out in 30 minutes.
  18. RST Dana

    New here...Hi Friends.

    Welcome RST driver. Got to love it.
  19. RST Dana

    Are You Brand Loyal?

    Yes Corvette 68 (date car) BB Chevelle 67 dd BB ChevyII 66 dd BB Corvette 72 (date car) SB Blazer 78 dd SB Corvette 61 toy SB Corvette 82 SB Corvette 86 SB Blazer S10 88 dd Tahoe 91 Yukon 98 Tahoe 01 Tahoe 08 Tahoe 13 Tahoe 16 Tahoe 17 Tahoe 2020 RST dd/toy combo
  20. RST Dana

    19 Yukon low beam LED’s

    Are you sure you have the led bulbs turned to the vcorrevt position? Meaning they should be upright like a butter knife. Otherwise, it pattern will suck.
  21. RST Dana

    2018 6.2 Air Condition Issue

    Uh, you have a leak, and/or bad compressor. You low side pressure should be around 50 and high side 175 ish based on ambient temperature. You probably should seek the help of a professional.
  22. RST Dana

    Brembo Questions

    Talked with a guy last night that had brembos on his RST. Replacement pads were $500. He was able to have his rotors turned to avoid the $2,000 rotors replacement heartache.
  23. RST Dana

    V Escalade

    Nobody said they did.
  24. RST Dana

    V Escalade

    Local caddy dealer had one arrive last year. Since they never charge over sticker, the first guy rolling in with the right frame of mind scooped it up. Then drive 2 hours and sold it for a $60k profit. Evidently, the folks with extremely deep pockets and want high dollar unique toys will pay...
  25. RST Dana

    AFM Lifter Failure Average Mileage?

    As a livery driver your mileage should have well exceeded the lease amount and usually cost additional dollars at the end of the lease. In the neighborhood of $.25 per mile.

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