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  1. navyseal334

    Drop in fuel efficiency after first service

    Took my 23 suburban Duramax in for its first service last week and since then, the mpg has dropped and the estimated mpg is much slower to adjust as I drive than it was before the service. Has anyone else experienced something similar? If so, any idea what caused it and if there's a remedy?
  2. navyseal334

    Wireless charging?

    You can search around on how to find the window sticker on this forum; there's a site that you can look it up with your order number. My 23 suburban is finicky about wireless charging. Very hard to find the right spot so it works and then it's slower than wired. I just always keep a cable...
  3. navyseal334

    Fuel quality at different stations

    I live in AZ/UT and regularly get around 26+mpg (from QT (Tier 1)) in my 3.0, even with AC running. Came to California for vacation this week and filled up at Chevron where they only offered bio-diesel and am struggling to get 21-22mpg with no AC. Only thing I can attribute the drop to is the...
  4. navyseal334

    RSE screen protection

    13 inch.
  5. navyseal334

    RSE screen protection

  6. navyseal334

    RSE screen protection

    This tablet case also fits them like a glove (without anything else installed) - though doesn't provide any protection once the screen is off. I wish this case could fit over that rubber bumper edge...
  7. navyseal334

    Taho/Denali Front seats

    FYI this is the 2021+ model forums; you may want to ask that in the forum for the relevant generation.
  8. navyseal334

    advance/max tow constraint April 2023?

    Your issue will likely be a matter of getting allocation. Items may not be on constraint but allocations may take a while to come around for the dealer you've ordered from. It may require a perfect storm of getting allocations for all your desired options at the same time. While I think the...
  9. navyseal334

    Chip Retrofit Lawsuit?

    While it's a bigger issue that a single lawsuit might not solve, there is a case to be made that chips ARE available to perform these retrofits; Chevrolet has produced multiple 2023 models with these features (including mine back in October). A case could be made that GM should have resolved...
  10. navyseal334

    Lane keep assist with Super cruise equipped but not activated?

    Can anyone speak to the performance of lane-keep assist between an SUV with Super cruise equipped but not activated vs a SUV without it equipped? Its performance is pretty bad without Super cruise equipped; I'm wondering if it would improve at all from the extra sensors present in a SC-equipped...
  11. navyseal334

    Rear Entertainment Screen Issues

    Were these working prior to the upgrading your plan? To my understanding, those apps have been disabled in the 2022+ models.
  12. navyseal334

    Three things I don't understand on current generation Suburban

    90% was specifically for my case; I've got 4 kids with #5 on the way so the older 3 are permanent residents back there :) For drives with 0-2 kids, we're typically driving our sedan.
  13. navyseal334

    Three things I don't understand on current generation Suburban

    Current suburban fascia much more appealing than Yukon in my opinion; design decisions are made by committee with a lot of analysis/consideration given to target customers' tastes and preferences. Sales numbers indicate that both designs find large amounts of takers - enough to drop a decent...
  14. navyseal334

    When does the '24 refresh debut..?

    Does anyone else worry about picking one up the year after a refresh? I know it may not be as substantial as jumping generations (e.g. 2021 lifter failures) but if they're raising the rear suspension arm (which I'm all for - my 2008 honda accord has better ground clearance than the rear arm on...
  15. navyseal334

    2021 Tahoe SIDE MIRROR Cover Removal

    I personally got the premiere because of the maple sugar leather interior (live in AZ currently and wanted to avoid black interior); it has chrome mirrors though I would've chosen the high country's body colored mirror option if it was offered. I'm not opposed to the massive amount of chrome...
  16. navyseal334

    Curt Spectrum Brake Controller - single click sound when braking (no trailer attached)

    Bumping this to see if anyone has any idea before I take it back to the dealership. Click comes from under the dash. I'm confident it's sending a signal but my assumptino would be that it should detect when no trailer is attached and not do this. It's not the end of the world but annoying...
  17. navyseal334

    Curt Spectrum Brake Controller - single click sound when braking (no trailer attached)

    Just had Curt Spectrum Brake Controller (51170) installed by the dealer on 23 suburban this is the dealer-endorsed aftermarket controller (sold on GM's accessory site). I'm getting a loud click noise when I depress the brake (no trailer attached). Subsequently pressing the brake soon after the...
  18. navyseal334

    OS update infotainment from 21 to 22 ?

    In case you're unaware, the app access in the RSE in 2022+ does not work at this point. They have the icons but nothing happens when you click. Miracast and USB playback are also both gone in 2022+ so the only way you're watching anything in the rear seat is through HDMI pass through (playing...
  19. navyseal334

    Tips for trimming adhesive around brake controller

    Have the dealership install a Curt Spectrum brake controller. Unfortunately they did a garbage job of trimming the adhesive pad behind it. Not sure if I trust them to do it right if I take it back. Does anyone have any recommendations for how I could trim this up so the adhesive isn't visible...
  20. navyseal334

    Rear speaker volume very low

    Bumping this. - 23 Suburban premiere. I had dealership look at rear speakers (back near the hatch) due to almost no noise coming out of them. He indicated they're tweeters and that they're not designed to produce a lot. Does anyone else encounter this in a non-Denali/Esc vehicle? If this is...
  21. navyseal334

    Grille overlay - impact to engine from airflow reduction/redirect?

    23 Suburban Duramax 3.0 here. Considering a snap-on grille overlay but am concerned about the potential reduction in airflow and the impact to the engine/vehicle. Can anyone comment on their experience if they've used an overlay or comment whether the reduction (or redirection) in airflow could...
  22. navyseal334

    low hanging independent rear suspension any problems

    Haha, notice the curvature of the arm carved into the sand... A picture is worth a thousand words.
  23. navyseal334

    Chrome delete package High Country Tahoe

    Did you end up picking up this overlay? If so, how is it holding up?
  24. navyseal334

    Can chrome mirror caps be painted over to body color (summit white)?

    Can anyone comment on whether it would be feasible to get side mirror caps repainted from chrome to the body color (white)? I'm having PPF applied soon and my chrome mirrors have picked up a few small rock chips that I'm worried will create air bubbles under the film. With the chance of...
  25. navyseal334

    2021 Tahoe SIDE MIRROR Cover Removal

    Did you ever end up completing this? If so, have any pictures you can share?

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