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  1. MD666

    Anyone Running Kings or ICONS?

    @Trailzrider Can you share the PN for the Kings and UCA you are running? Thanks a lot !
  2. MD666

    Bilstein Adjustable Shocks

    Curious to see photos of the before with the RC 3.5 compared to the 5100s. The 3.5 RC has too much space even with a 35' tire. It is something we are trying to fix.
  3. MD666

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Side Markers- Amazon I ordered the base suspension on ours as the end goal is a full shock replacement with UCAs. I prefer the non electronic suspension.
  4. MD666

    Long Travel Kits

    @CJHall Do you happen to know part numbers for the Kings or UCA? Thanks man
  5. MD666

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Here are a few more shots...
  6. MD666

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    We are in Montana. 3" for us too. They fit great. I did some trimming on the "cab" side to the brackets and drilled a hole to pull the fender lining back. Used stock hardware so it made it look OEM+.
  7. MD666

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Lifted 3"F 2.5"R
  8. MD666

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Going to switch things up for the wife soon. She wants smaller wheels with bigger tires. If anyone wants these wheels let me know! 20x9 295/60/20 less than 2k on them! Z71 standard suspension, removed all red and silver.

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