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  1. JerseySUP

    Recommendations for Lift for 2023 Z71 Tahoe

    SuspensionMaxx offers a 1.5” spacer lift for the the front and rear (sold separately):
  2. JerseySUP

    My 2022 Tahoe Bose Audio Mods

    This thread is fantastic. Very helpful. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks!
  3. JerseySUP

    2021+ Chevy Suburban/Tahoe Fog Lights

    I just came across this on YouTube. Seems to utilize existing screws on the plastic under guard (for lack of its technical name). The lights are a bit low for off-road purposes, but likely not something to worry about for 95% of Tahoe/Suburban owners.
  4. JerseySUP

    Power wire on passenger side under trim?

    I wondering if you could use it for something like an amplifier? Would save some headaches since it is already beyond the firewall.
  5. JerseySUP

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    What material did you use to line the opening once you cut out the rectangle? I was considering making a similar cut on my cover, and I really like how you finished yours.
  6. JerseySUP

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Looks fantastic! One of my favorites styles of Fuel wheels. Enjoy!
  7. JerseySUP

    License plate mount for fog lights?

    I just noticed that Rough Country makes a similar product: It seems like it could accommodate a wider light bar (12”, maybe even 20”) if you were so inclined. But I’m just guessing.
  8. JerseySUP

    Wheel Spacer Size Question 2022 Z71 Tahoe

    I am running BORA 1.25" spacers and love the look. The "pockets" on the back of the wheels are just deep enough to accommodate the studs without the need to trim them. I would say that the tire sidewalls protrude slightly from the fender, but the treads are flush, if that makes sense.
  9. JerseySUP

    Chrome delete picture thread

    Thanks! The emblems I got off Amazon. They're not OEM but the quality is very high and a fraction of the price. I popped off the front and rear bow-ties and painted them myself. The window trim and front/rear bumpers were all wrapped in gloss black vinyl. The black stealie looks fantastic on...
  10. JerseySUP

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    What are you using for the LED tail lights?
  11. JerseySUP

    2021 Tahoe will 275 65 20 fit?

    Reviving this thread. Has anyone else successfully run 275/65-20 tires with no rubbing (or minimal rubbing)? It’s a 34” tire which is only about a 0.5” increase in radius over stock.
  12. JerseySUP

    Pedal Commander - Review

    To each their own, but in my opinion, the Pedal Commander allows for a much smoother, more linear, acceleration. And the driving experience (again, for me) is much more enjoyable. To me it's about having a 1:1 ratio on pedal movement to throttle response, and allowing ME to determine/control the...
  13. JerseySUP

    Bilstein Adjustable Shocks

    I'm not 100% sure either. However, these were recommended to me by a very large, reputable (but for now, nameless) 4x4 shop.
  14. JerseySUP

    2022 Infotainment Favorites Moving Positions

    Same is happening to me! The Grateful Dead channel is no longer preset #1…
  15. JerseySUP

    Exhaust Size

    Thanks! So I assume that means a 3” muffler is what I should be ordering? This is specifically what I’m looking at:
  16. JerseySUP

    Exhaust Size

    I’m looking to install a different muffler on my 2022 Tahoe (5.3L). Random question… is my exhaust a 2.5” or 3”? Thanks!
  17. JerseySUP

    Best roof rack Crossbars to buy?

    The Thule cross bars do look nice. I just can’t get behind the $699 price tag. That’s insane IMO.
  18. JerseySUP

    Pedal Commander - Review

    Agree 100%. Much more enjoyable driving experience since I installed the pedal commander. Acceleration is now more linear and virtually all lag has been removed. It was a no-brainer for me.
  19. JerseySUP

    Bilstein Adjustable Shocks

    Has anyone installed (or looked into) the Bilstein 5100 shocks as a potential leveling/lift option? They are adjustable and provide 0 - 2.3” of lift in the front and 0 - 1.8” in the rear. Looks like a solid option for whose who want to level/raise both front and rear. I am interested to see if...
  20. JerseySUP

    Chrome delete picture thread

    Making progress so far. Still have to do the roof rails and a couple other pieces of trim. I’m also planning on powder coating the wheels gloss black.
  21. JerseySUP

    Denali subwoofer and amp install 2022

    Can you post more detail about where/how you tapped into the high-level input? Thanks!
  22. JerseySUP

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    I’m 100% you. I feel like my Tahoe is completely level from the factory. I want to incorporate a modest lift (1” - 2”) but I’m nervous to go with most kits that are available right now, since they all tend to raise the front more than the rear. If I could find a 1.5” lift front and rear I feel...
  23. JerseySUP

    Pedal commander

    Update: I just installed a pedal commander in my Tahoe (5.3). I’m still dialing in my favorite setting, but so far I think it’s fantastic. The throttle response is much more linear in nature and the lag is almost 100% eliminated. It makes for a much more enjoyable driving experience. If you...
  24. JerseySUP

    2022 Suburban Rear Entertainment Constraints

    We ended up just buying a couple Amazon Fire HD tablets and headrest mounts, also on Amazon. I then ran the USB charging cable through the back of the front seats (between the “leather” and the seat padding) and out through the bottom using an electrician’s fish tape. Plugged it into the two USB...
  25. JerseySUP

    Lamin-X Tail Light Tint

    The rear tail lights are very difficult to wrap due to their shape and curves. I’m certainly not an expert but I have done a decent amount of wrapping over the years on various vehicles, and I cannot seem to get the wrap the lay nicely on my Tahoe…

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