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  1. Fless

    Vin location help - Burn job / Possible stolen recovery

    Chain from above and hooked on the top of the door opening.
  2. Fless

    What is this, and why is it on the floor?? ( '05 Yukon)

    You'd better fix that... ;) Seriously, though, I'm not sure of the spec. All I know is that they contact on stock suspensions.
  3. Fless

    What is this, and why is it on the floor?? ( '05 Yukon)

    To be clear, the fronts are jounce stops and the rears are bump stops. See this link for an explanation:
  4. Fless

    What is this, and why is it on the floor?? ( '05 Yukon)

    The most important ones are for the front, since they are part of the suspension and (should) contact the lower control arms. Did you lose the fronts, or the rears?
  5. Fless

    GMT900 front brake upgrade for my GMT821 ... what ELSE do I need?

    And caliper brackets.
  6. Fless

    New user intro

    Agree completely.
  7. Fless

    Chevy Tahoe p0443

    Are you clearing the code with a scanner and it's coming back? Or it doesn't go away on its own? If this, it can take several drive cycles to clear.
  8. Fless

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    @iamdub did something like it but it may have been just to repair the seal and make it better.
  9. Fless

    Exhaust manifold tick?

    It's in post #6 above....
  10. Fless

    Running rich after replacing all injectors

    Probably not this, but think about checking it to rule it out: read the alcohol content of the fuel. If you have a flex fuel engine and are not running E85, and the alcohol content reads more than 10%, reset it. That will also reset the LTFTs (which I see you've already done).
  11. Fless

    Exhaust manifold tick?

    Something like this, but note that position matters.
  12. Fless

    MyLink Android Auto update?

    If that doesn't work I'd suggest un-pairing the phone from the head unit (and clearing any saved phones there) then re-pairing it after rebooting the phone and restarting the truck.
  13. Fless

    08 Tahoe Hybrid no start/ no crank after AFM valve replacement

    I think @OR VietVet might be near Eugene, IIRC?
  14. Fless

    Door mirrors, yes again.

    There's a link in this thread that you can open to see who's around your area. Might be good for us to know where you are, generally.
  15. Fless

    Chevy Tahoe p0443

    No, the PCM controls it.
  16. Fless

    Doors, paint, etc.

    The other thought I would have is to cut a shallow "x" into the top with a hacksaw before installing it, then swaging it wide with a chisel after install.
  17. Fless

    Doors, paint, etc.

    If one could drill a small hole through the top end, would there be enough meat to put a washer on and cotter pin through? EDIT: might be a hassle to drill a hole through such a small shaft.
  18. Fless

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Interesting, but I don't think we have any Marathon stations around Denver, so I'm wondering what refinery would supply either the gas or E85 product. The only gas refinery in Colorado (Suncor - is just now starting to...
  19. Fless

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    We have a couple of E85 providers around Denver, one being Alta Convenience that handles Conoco products. But the E85 there is clearly marked as "not a Conoco product." The there's the K-U-M & Go (LOL) that doesn't differentiate; not sure who provides their fuels.
  20. Fless

    Every other day something folks! Water pouring out of the HVAC vents over passenger seat driver side

    If you can get to either end of the drains, you could use a long piece of weed whacker line to see if the drains are clear.
  21. Fless

    Several ABS codes

    Get hubs that have new speed sensors included. I wouldn't entertain replacing the PCM until I ruled out all speed sensors. Recommend using a scanner that can graph all the speed sensors for comparison and smoothness of the sensor outputs. Like using a sweep hand tachometer, or an analog ohm...
  22. Fless

    What’s this noise?

    I can't hear any noise, either. :confused:
  23. Fless

    Please help with my 2014 Tahoe LTZ brakes

    It's also important to "bed" the pads in when they're first installed.
  24. Fless

    Need help… Crank/no start + Really bad MPG

    As you are changing the fuel filter (old one out, new one not yet installed) you could rig up the output of the fuel pump directly to the pressure gauge. Run the pump and monitor the leakdown right there.

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